Commercial Refrigeration Services Available At Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning Heating

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AL based Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating is offering a full suite of commercial refrigeration repair services to customers in Fairhope and beyond. The company makes it a point to respond promptly to calls for assistance, especially in emergency situations, and they are often a customer’s first call in times of need.

Breakdowns in commercial refrigeration have to be addressed immediately, as anyone who has spent any time in an associated industry will know. Food, for instance, can spoil quickly when subjected to heat above a certain level, and this can be disastrous for a food and beverage business’ operations. Should the breakdown occur during a period of peak activity, they may find it quite difficult to recover from the blow to their reputation, to say nothing of the unnecessary costs they would accrue.


Food is not the only type of product that can be lost when a commercial refrigeration system breaks down, but Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating is capable of providing a solution for virtually all situations that require it. The company’s experience is extensive, and they regularly take steps to bring their team’s training up to date with the latest industry standards. This potent combination means that they can fix a breakdown in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible, saving a customer from potentially ruinous losses.

Further, the company encourages businesses to call their team no matter how simple or complicated a job may appear. “You may have some experience with such systems,” notes a representative from Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating, “but a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Even minor issues should not be ignored, and a professional’s touch may be exactly what you need to ensure it doesn’t happen again for a long while. You might also make matters worse trying to fix it without the appropriate tools. If you want a fast fix that doesn’t exceed your budget or create more problems down the line, you should call us at once.”

Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating can service walk-In freezers and walk-in coolers, perform all manner of commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance, install commercial refrigeration and much more. Maintenance contracts are available for a range of systems as well.

In addition to Fairhope, the company has been proudly serving the communities of Daphne, Montrose, Spanish Fort, Point Clear, Gulf Shores, Foley and Robertsdale for several decades. Ingersoll's is a trusted name in the commercial refrigeration industry, and the company has enjoyed a stellar reputation that continues to flourish to this day.

Diana P. says in a review of Ingersoll's, “It is an absolute pleasure to deal with this company. They do quality work, and are genuinely concerned with fixing your problem. I highly recommend them.” Other reviews are similarly positive, praising the company’s ability to tackle units from a broad range of manufacturers and periods.

An excerpt from a review by Chris C. says that the company, “Did great work with the 18 SEER heat pump system I had installed eight years ago. Really go above and beyond on service calls.” Customers are welcome to take a look at the company’s other feedback to judge for themselves, and the company openly encourages everyone to leave their feedback online or get in touch with a member of the team directly if they wish to discuss any concerns or request additional services.

Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating emphasizes the fact that they exist to give local businesses the support they need to succeed in their respective fields, so it is vital for the company to stay on top of all their customer’s expanding needs. If a customer requires more assistance than the company currently offers, they will be pleased to work out a better solution for future projects.

Anyone can reach Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating via the company’s website, email address and phone number. Customers are welcome to contact Ingersoll's through Facebook as well. The team looks forward to working with commercial clients that require a steadfast, committed service provider.

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