Dandy Highlights Working Example Of AI Google Bad Review Removal Service

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Irvine, California -

Irvine, California based reputation management company Dandy is sharing a recent testimonial they received for their artificial intelligence (AI) powered review dispute services. Using advanced AI, Dandy’s software removes bad reviews, replies to reviews automatically and uses QR codes to gather customer information.

The company has shared a case study showing how their AI-powered Bad Google Review dispute and removal technology has helped one of the premier multi location home services companies in Sacramento, specializing in plumbing, electric and heating & air services, utilize Dandy's technology to present their online reputation in a fair manner, going so far as to remove illegitimate reviews. Learn more at the following link:

Jennie with Bonney Plumbing states, “I just wanted to say what an important role Dandy has played in removing illegitimate reviews from various review sites. It (Dandy) has been instrumental in improving our scores on these sites.” Dandy's technology has helped them remove over 55 unfair bad reviews, thereby increasing their average star rating, increasing customer traffic and therefore increasing bottom line revenue.

Bri Nicole of Dandy says, “Reviews matter more than ever in today’s digital landscape. Studies show that 9 out of 10 consumers today check reviews before they engage with a business, and this means that it is more important for you than it has ever been to make sure you manage your reputation online. If you have even a single bad review for your product or service, it can have a significant impact on whether someone chooses your company or not. That’s where our bad review removal software comes in.”

Dandy’s advanced technology makes it possible for companies and brands to get rid of bad reviews on all of the major review indexes. Dandy’s software utilizes cutting-edge machine learning technology to scan a business’ pages on popular review sites. Once a business has registered with Dandy, the machine learning technology scans through the pages and finds all the negative reviews the business has received. Dandy’s advanced AI is able to find violations that would not as easily be spotted by humans. Then, Dandy will communicate directly with the review sites it has scanned to get the bad reviews removed.

Dandy’s dedication to maintaining and automating business’ reputation management also extends to other aspects. Recently, Dandy has also debuted a ChatGPT powered automated review reply feature that helps write and post (100% automated) all review replies in a way that is both personal and optimized for Local SEO. The company also has a QR Code experience survey feature that helps generate new positive genuine reviews and provide valuable insight on customer experience.

Nicole says, “Today’s customers are very tech savvy, and they always consider their options before they buy anything. More often than not, this will involve them using Google and Google Maps to find businesses in their area. If they see that your business has bad reviews on Google, they are less likely to want to buy from you. The more bad reviews you have, the worse your chances of gaining a new customer. With our suite of tools, this can be a thing of the past. Let our bad review removal software take care of the bad reviews, while you respond to genuine reviews with our ChatGPT powered response tool. At the same time, collect more reviews through our QR Code experience survey feature. Everything Dandy offers is here to help you with your reputation online, which means that you can focus your time and attention on improving your business in other ways.”

Dandy’s official website has more information about the full range of services offered by the company. Interested parties should visit their website at the following link: Bri Nicole welcomes anyone who wants to learn more, encouraging them to get in touch via email or phone for more information. Dandy also maintains a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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About GetDandy :

GetDandy is an innovative ai company that helps businesses automatically rank higher in local searches by helping remove unfair bad reviews, reinstate new positive reviews, automatically get new reviews.

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