Complete Realty Team Posts Blog and YT Video About the Do's and Don'ts When Trying to Buy a Home

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Marietta, Georgia -

Marietta, Georgia-based Complete Realty Team strives to be one of the most well-rounded real estate services providers in the Greater Atlanta area. This effort has led them to be one of the top choices among the communities it serves when it comes to home selling and buying. But what this reputable realty team does goes well beyond just those two acts. It also tries to keep those in Marietta and the surrounding areas better informed on current Georgia real estate trends and happenings. As an example, this company has just released a YouTube video and blog post that discuss the do's and don'ts when trying to buy a home. Team Leader, Ken Mandich, says, “We here at the Complete Realty Team like to use our keen insight in the Atlanta area real estate scene to help home buyers and sellers simplify that process as much as possible. This includes providing pertinent information that’s related to obtaining mortgages. That’s why we recently produced and posted a new YouTube video and blog article that contained suggestions on what to avoid after a mortgage has been applied for.”

Mandich stated that at best, obtaining mortgages involves a tricky process that is subject to both a bank associate’s judgment and strict financial formulas. That’s why it’s so important for prospective home buyers to avoid some common pitfalls that can hinder their chance of getting a mortgage. In the introduction to this new YouTube video by the Complete Realty Team, Mandich says, “Have you recently applied for a mortgage? If so, follow these simple tips. Tips that if they are not followed increase the chances of a mortgage application being rejected. The first tip in the recently posted video was to not deposit a large sum of money in the bank after a new mortgage has been applied for. Something that sometimes will create a red flag situation. It was also suggested in this YouTube video not to cosign any loans while the application is pending or not to make any large purchases because both of these will increase a person’s debt-to-income ratio. Switching bank accounts during this time is also considered a no-no to remaining financially consistent and it was also stated in the video not to apply for new credit or close any bank accounts because these occurrences can hurt credit scores. It was also suggested in this Complete Realty Team video for a person to touch base with their lender before making any big financial decisions. The video ended with Mandich stating, “If you’re in the process of buying a home, lean on the pros for expert advice and guidance along the way. I’m Ken Mandich and if you have questions about your next move - get in touch. Until next time!”

The accompanying blog article expanded on the things to avoid when purchasing a house as far as mortgages are concerned. It starts by mentioning that while it’s exciting for a home buyer to start thinking about moving in and decorating after they’ve applied for your mortgage, there are some key things to keep in mind before the deal closes. As was stated in the recently released YouTube video, this article again emphasizes not depositing large sums of cash, making any large purchases, cosigning a loan, or switching or closing bank accounts. Occurrences that are all known to lead to mortgage application denial as they impact such key loan acceptance factors as debt-to-income ratios and financial inconsistency. This blog also once again emphasized discussing the financial actions mentioned above with the mortgage lender before making them. The article ended with Mandich reminding that he and the others on his experienced and competent team can help prospective home buyers with guidance during the mortgage application process.

The team leader also wanted to talk about some other traits that make them a great choice for selling or buying a house in Cobb County. Something that starts with their unique ability to combine cutting-edge real estate technology with a more human approach to doing business. It’s also a real estate team that takes pride in immersing itself in every aspect of real estate transactions such as comparable home price analysis, open houses, property surveys, HOA agreements, credit reports, titles, lending, and closing documents. More information on the real estate services that the Complete Realty Team offers can be had by referring to the company website.

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