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IMHO Reviews takes a closer look at Jeff May's latest article on improving video content.

Jeff May, a director of content marketing at Storyblocks, has recently published an article on Storyblocks' exclusive web series, The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Video. In this latest episode, Jeff explores the role of audience testing in video production and offers tips and tricks on how to improve videos through a combination of strategic testing and audience insights.

How to improve your videos testing Audience Storyblocks Guide

The Beginner's Guide to Creating Video is an exclusive web series that provides insights into the world of video production, with a focus on beginner-level content. In this latest episode, Jeff May, in collaboration with Storyblocks' social media manager, Beth Cormack, and performance marketing manager, Ryan Barrales, shares his expertise and reveals the secret to creating successful videos.

According to Jeff, testing is the key to unlocking the full potential of the video content. The duo suggests that once a video is live, it’s essential to learn more about your audiences on the channels. The best way to do that is by going live with several different copy variations, landing pages, or even edits to the video across different channels. These subtle variations can result in vastly different audience responses, providing valuable insights into what will perform well for different audiences.

In addition to quantitative metrics like video views and click-through rates, Jeff and Ryan emphasize the importance of looking at qualitative data, such as comments left by viewers. Feedback, whether positive or negative, can offer valuable insights into what people really think about your content. By reading comments and identifying patterns, video producers can refine their techniques to improve future videos.

Jeff also suggests testing small to improve the videos. The process involves taking one of your top-performing videos and tweaking minor elements one at a time. Some of the variables can be adjusted while testing to improve videos include the opening hook, narration, video length, call to action, post copy, post headlines, B-roll, and music. By testing small, video producers can gauge how the audience reacts to subtle differences in their videos and identify the specific elements that contribute to success.

Testing big, as May explains, involves presenting two completely different video concepts to the audience to see which one resonates better. This approach is particularly useful in keeping up with changing trends and audience preferences. However, it does come with some risk as the audience may not like all the concepts presented to them. Regardless, testing big provides valuable information that can inform a video strategy and is nearly impossible to discover through testing small.

Ryan and Beth stated, "Once you've landed on a winning concept through testing big, testing small allows you to fine-tune the video and make it even more effective." May emphasizes that testing big does not have to come with big budgets, and encourages content creators not to break the bank when experimenting with new ideas.

Beth Cormack, Storyblocks' social media manager, adds: "Video creation is less about the resources you have, and more about the quality and value you provide to your audience."

IMHO Reviews agrees with May and Cormack's perspectives on testing big and the importance of providing value to the audience. The tips presented in the article provide a roadmap for content creators to improve their video content and reach their audience effectively.

In conclusion, The Beginner's Guide to Creating Video is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their video production skills. Through the expertise of Jeff May and the insights shared by Beth Cormack and Ryan Barrales, video producers can learn how to use audience testing to make their videos more successful. Those interested in learning more about how to use audience testing to improve their videos, watch Episode of The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Video.

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