Insta Graphic Systems Showcased Sublimation Heat Press Machines at United Soccer Coaches Convention

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Cerritos, California -

Insta Graphic Systems, based in Cerritos, CA, recently showcased its sublimation heat press machines at the 2023 United Soccer Coaches Convention. Held from January 10-14 in Anaheim, CA, the convention offered features by world-class presenters as well as 200+ lecture sessions and field demonstrations.

Since every vendor in attendance had something exciting to share, they were obliged to work with none less than the best printers and graphics enthusiasts in the industry to ensure their designs caught the attention of convention-goers — and would serve as a lasting memento of the convention itself. As always, the sharpest, most vibrant designs stood out, and Insta Graphic Systems is delighted to report that its machines made short work of the projects the company was entrusted with.

Insta 780 Dual Shuttle, fully automatic heat press

Expanding on the technology, the company explains that the sublimation heat press machine, as its name implies, is capable of reaching both the temperature and pressure required to achieve sublimation. This reaction has to be carefully controlled, however, to deliver as intended, and Insta Graphic Systems says its machine has long proven effective at utilizing sublimation printing technology to create higher-quality graphics and transfers. It does this partially by maintaining extremely even pressure and temperature.

Sublimation printing also makes use of a special type of ink that ingrains itself more thoroughly into the fabric, a property that sets the process a world apart from other kinds of heat transfers. This results in images and graphics that boast a much longer lifespan than counterparts created in other processes. Operators using sublimation transfers need to make sure they have a heat press which can accommodate the even heat and pressure requirements needed with this technology.

Insta Graphic Systems has been pioneering and helping customers adopt new technologies in the 60 years since it first opened its doors. The company has developed a reputation for combining the best products with close, customer-specific service. The company recognizes that each individual customer has their own goals, which in turn require personalized strategies to come to fruition. As such, Insta Graphics Systems gives every customer an opportunity to frankly state what they are looking for. The company will then tailor its offerings to meet these requirements as closely as possible.

“We have made it our mission to set the standard for professional-grade heat press machinery, custom heat transfers, and the interaction between these two products, which is the application process,” states Insta Graphic Systems. “In addition to being the best heat presses on the market for sublimation, our machines are also ideal for numerous other types of transfer technologies such as screen-printed transfers, white-toner transfers, vinyl, and DTF transfers. Our heat press machines can also recover heat much more efficiently than other machines you may have used in the past. You can also expect industry leading reliability and durability, allowing you a significant return on your investment. Insta Graphic Systems offers you machines that boast an average useful life of at least 25 years. Our work has won many SGIA Product of the Year awards, and we look forward to helping you with your printing goals and needs.”

Insta Graphic Systems also has a global footprint, with the company having delivered superior printing services to international customers for nearly 50 years. Currently, it is represented through a network of distributors in over 100 countries all over the world.

“If you have customers who have an eye for detail and will settle for nothing less than the best,” the company says, “you need an Insta heat press machine.”

The company can be reached by phone or email, and further details regarding its full range of products can be found on the official Insta Graphic Systems website. Insta Graphic Systems can similarly be reached via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Recent News: Insta Graphic Systems to Showcase Heat Press Machines at the 2023 United Soccer Coaches Convention

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For over 60 years, Insta Graphic Systems has led the development of technology and durable products in the heat press and transfer markets.

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