With Affordable Price of a Vasectomy Reversal, Dr. Mark Hickman Hopes to Encourage More Men to Get the Procedure

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Dr. Mark Hickman, MD, FACS, a vasectomy reversal surgeron in New Braunfels, TX, expects to encourage more men who had vasectomy to want to recover their ability to become a dad once more by offering affordable all-inclusive options for the vasectomy reversal procedure. The more affordable choice is priced at $3,300 and this includes local anesthesia and an oral sedative. The other alternative is priced at $4,200 and is for those who prefer IV sedation that is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist. These prices are all-inclusive, which means that there will no surprise additional fees or charges.

The vasectomy reversal requires the microsurgical repair of the vas deferens, which is a long, muscular tube used for transporting mature sperm to the urethra is preparation for ejaculation.
Since this is a reversal of the vasectomy procedure, which was accomplished by cutting the vas deferens and sealing it by tying, cauterizing, or using surgical clips, it makes sense that its reversal involves reconnecting the two ends after finding them and freeing them from the surrounding scar tissue. Using a powerful microscope to provide 10 to 15 stitches using fine nylon suture, Dr. Hickman will aim for a watertight closure to have a higher success rate.

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To increase the chances of success, Dr. Hickman will take a sample of fluid from the testicular end of the vas deferens before reconnecting the two ends. He will examine the fluid under laboratory microscope to check if it contains sperm. If the fluid doesn’t contain sperm at all, whether whole sperm of sperm parts, this indicates an obstruction usually due to an epididymal blowout. This is caused by rupture of a tube in the epididymis. Thus, for this particular situation, in addition to the vasovasostomy, Dr. Hickman will need to do a vasoepididymostomy. But the patient need not worry because there will be no additional cost even if both repairs have to be performed for the vasectomy reversal.

Meanwhile, aside from the affordable vasectomy reversal, Dr. Hickman wants to emphasize that they have also crafted exclusive travel deals with the local hotels, which means that out of town patients will be able to save as much as 50 percent of the price for their hotel accommodation. He also wants to emphasize that New Braunfels is a tourist town and those who travel from other places to go to the vasectomy reversal center, can hit two birds with one stone by taking a look at the various attractions available, such as Schlitterbahn, which is the country’s biggest water park that offers whole day fun for kids of all ages.

Dr. Mark Hickman is a minimally invasive surgeon who has developing a reputation of being one of the top microsurgeons in the US. To date, he as more than 26 years of experience in reversing a vasectomy and has performed over 1,300 vasectomy reversals and has also ‘corrected’ a number of vasectomy reversals done by other providers. He is passionate about encouraging vasectomized men to undergo the procedure that allows them to have the ability to become a father again. He also believes that the procedure can actually be good for the mental health of certain vasectomized men, particularly for those who only agreed to the procedure after being pressured by their partner.

Dr. Hickman finished his residency training in general surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio within a period of five years. And it was during this period that he was introduced to the microsurgery techniques employed by plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Intrigued by the potential of the minimally invasive procedures to provide better outcomes and experiences for his patients, he then sought to study more about the microsurgery procedures.

People who would like to know more about the affordable vasectomy reversal offered by Dr. Hickman can visit the Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman website or contact them through the phone or via email. They are open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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Expert Affordable Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman. Vasectomy reversal with an all-inclusive vasectomy reversal cost of $3,300. Dr. Hickman has ‘corrected’ many vasectomy reversals from other providers as well with great success.

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