Austin Tree Services Lowers Cost of Key Tree Care Services For The Next Four Months

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El Camino Real, California -

Austin, Texas – A well-known company providing high-quality, low-cost tree care services, Austin Tree Services announced earlier today that it had reduced its pruning, treatment, and planting fees. This is expected to last for four months before Austin Tree Services returns to its regular pricing.

"For the past five years," said the CEO, Mr. Douglas Andrews, "the cost of living here in Texas has been hiking now and then. The price of everything seems to be increasing in our beloved state. Although trees are essential, the high cost of living has left most homeowners forgetting about tree care and focusing more on getting their daily bread. They realize the mess they have caused when it is too late, and some of their trees die. To ease the burden on homeowners, Austin Tree Services has been trying new strategies to keep the tree care service charges to a minimum, hence its popularity here in Austin and the suburbs."

Tree Trimming Austin

"Today," continued Douglas Andrews, "Austin Tree Services is here with some more good news for tree owners in Austin and its suburbs. The company will allow them to experience the cheapest tree pruning, treatment, and planting services beginning tomorrow."

"However," added the CEO, "since the new move has left Austin Tree Services making minimal profits from the three services, it will only last for four months—going further than that would lead to the company's collapse."

To understand how Austin Tree Services has been helping homeowners improve their trees, visit the company website:

The CEO noted that the new move was pushed by the need to save trees from winter stress. He also stated that the first third of 2023 is the prime time for tree pruning, treatment, and planting.

"Austin Tree Services understand that winter has left homeowners with a lot of mess to fix," said the CEO. "Among them is the mess caused in the yards and landscapes. To let homeowners manage to fix this mess easily, Austin Tree Services thought sacrificing to offer the three most needed services right now at the lowest price would help. This also translates to a significant environmental improvement because most homeowners can now afford the services without struggle."

"Also," continued the CEO, "the fact that this is the most favorable time of the year for tree planting and pruning pushed Austin Tree Services to make the decision."

Mr. Douglas Andrews revealed that Austin Tree Services uses its media room to inform tree owners about new company offers and anything else that may interest homeowners.

"Just like mentioned earlier," said the CEO, "Austin Tree Services has been making different moves to help its clients continue enjoying low-priced tree care services. Every move taken is shared with homeowners via the Austin Tree Service media room."

"Also," added Mr. Douglas Andrews, "homeowners can learn other helpful information concerning tree care through the media room."

The CEO confirmed that Austin Tree Services is open for all tree care service requests.

"Apart from tree planting, pruning, and treatment," said the CEO, "Austin Tree Services is also open for all the other tree care service requests, which will also be offered at pocket-friendly fees. Homeowners can call our offices to request tree trimming, emergency tree removal, tree shaping, and other tree care services. These will be available to Austin and all its suburbs' homeowners, just like before."

The Austin Tree Services offices are at 5555 N Lamar Blvd #111, Austin, TX 78751, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company by calling +1 512-982-4843 or emailing

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About Austin Tree Services :

With over two decades of providing premier tree care for the people in Austin and Travis counties, Austin Tree Services is a family-owned business that takes pride in enhancing its customers' natural surroundings.

Contact Austin Tree Services:

Douglas Andrews

5555 N Lamar Blvd #111
Austin, TX, 78751


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