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Sydney Conveyancer Expands the Business by Adding Legal Services

January 10, 2023
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LEAD Conveyancing Sydney, an NSW-based fully registered conveyancing firm that has operated for more than half a decade, decided to take its business to a higher level by putting more services in its conveyancing catalogue. The company added three new conveyancing services to maximise its profit and ensure that all of its lawyers' conveyancing knowledge is utilised. For more information about LEAD Conveyancing Sydney, visit their official website.

The conveyancing firm's new conveyancing services are transfer conveyancing, contract drafting and contract review. Like its older legal services, the latest legal assistance is affordable for a fixed price unless other matters need to be done on a client's transaction outside the specified package. The firm's officials noticed that they missed so many clients due to their operations being limited to certain types of assistance, which are for property sellers and buyers only. To ensure a more significant profit this year, they have decided to go full-time and offer all conveyancing services a citizen might need in New South Wales.

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Apart from offering new services, the established firm wanted also to affiliate itself with a real estate agency so that it could recommend it to its future clients if they come to their office without one. For the firm, knowing personally the agents they are working with is crucial to delivering a satisfactory output. They believe so as they have unpleasant experiences with real estate agents that they do not know well. The belief is not just for them but also for the welfare and security of their client's hard-earned money.

The new services will be available starting in February this year. The reason for the schedule is to give time to its personnel to prepare, read and study for a while to ensure that they will stay aware of the process. They are humble enough not to be complacent about it.

Sherry Chen, one of the firm's Senior Lawyers / Solicitors, stated that they hope to adjust fast to maintain the quality of their service for the sake of their clients. “I admit that most of us are getting nervous as it gets nearer, even though we have been in this industry for how many years. Though we did those legal services in other conveyancing companies before, we still need to allot time to read some books, as conveyancing in Australia is constantly changing. I have faith in my colleagues that we will pull this through with ease. We can certainly do this!”

LEAD Conveyancing Sydney is a firm that takes pride in its genuine passion for accompanying its clients to their new life chapter. They want to ensure that their clients are not being taken advantage of by the people they are transacting with, regardless if their clients are real estate property sellers or buyers. The well-received firm has been in the conveyancing industry for more than five years since its inception. For further details about the company's range of services and operations across Australia, visit the official LEAD Conveyancing Sydney website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Looking for a Conveyancer in Sydney? LEAD Conveyancing Sydney is a registered law firm with The Law Society of New South Wales. We offer s10.7s/Section 149 drafting.

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