Atlanta Tree Service Experts Launches Tree Planting Initiative for Carbon Offset and Environmental Impact Reduction

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Atlanta, Georgia -

Atlanta, Georgia – After recent research showed that the environment was in danger with the increased green gas emission, Atlanta Tree Service Experts thought planting trees was an excellent way to offset carbon emissions and keep global climatic systems in balance. The CEO, therefore, earlier today announced that the company had started a tree planting initiative.

“Recent research done by Atlanta Tree Service Experts research team,” said the CEO, “proved that greenhouse gas emissions increase every day by at least 0.0000001%. As much as the percentage seems small, it is surely big enough to raise concern. Being in a tree care industry, the only right way Atlanta Tree Service Experts would have responded to the findings, was through the immersive planting of trees and hence the launch of a tree planting initiative.”

Atlanta Tree Trimming

“Trees capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into biomass through photosynthesis,” explained the CEO. “In return, they emit oxygen. A mature tree absorbs not less than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in one year. When trees take up carbon dioxide from the environment, it helps to reduce global warming. These two facts make planting trees an effective method to restore and maintain a good environment.”

To see how Atlanta Tree Service Experts helps homeowners to improve their trees, visit the company’s web page at:

The CEO revealed that Atlanta Tree Service Experts is set to plant trees in public places and homeowners' landscapes upon request.

“To set a good pace to the rest,” said the CEO, “Atlanta Tree Service Experts will from tomorrow be planting trees in public places. Also, in a few weeks, the company is planning to purchase pieces of land here in Atlanta and the neighborhood for solely planting trees.”

“To make the whole region well saturated with trees,” said the CEO, “homeowners should also invest in planting trees. Atlanta Tree Service Experts has reduced tree planting charges, to make the service affordable to everyone.”

Reportedly, Atlanta Tree Service Experts will use its media room to keep homeowners updated about how far the planting trees project has gone.

“For the homeowners that might be interested to know how far the company has gone with the tree planting initiative,” said the CEO, “Atlanta Tree Service Expert’s media room is where they will see all updates.”

The CEO also insisted on people taking care of the already-grown trees and stopping deforestation.

“Trees planted today might take close to 5 years to help offset carbon and lower global warming,” said the CEO. “This means that people should take good care of the already existing trees, since were it not for them, the carbon dioxide level would have been higher than it already is. Cutting these trees at this point, therefore, should be prohibited but if it is too necessary to cut them, make sure you replace them with more that you cut, that way the future will be secured.”

He then urged homeowners in Atlanta and the entire neighborhood to continue making tree care bookings with Atlanta Tree Service Experts.

“Now that tree planting charges are reduced,” said the CEO, “what reasons can a homeowner give for not planting trees, bearing in mind the problems that await the country if actions aren’t taken? For tree planting and improving the already existing trees, homeowners should, therefore, make their bookings with Atlanta Tree Service Experts.”

Atlanta Tree Service Expert's workplace is at 805 Antone St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States. The company can also be contacted at +1 404-224-9458 or

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