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EarlyBirds Helps Organizations Proactively Drive Innovation for a Competitive Edge in Capability

February 15, 2023
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Open Innovation Ecosystem EarlyBirds is excited to announce that their platform can assist organizations who want to proactively drive innovation for a competitive edge over their competition. As industry continues into the digital era only those organisations who proactively drive innovation will gain competitive advantage. The slow-moving organizations reacting to market changes and innovation are at risk of losing market share to their agile competitors. This is why it is so important for organisations wanting to maintain a market edge to stay on top of the innovation market, something made much easier by innovation platforms like

Tracking and evaluating technological developments is critical for all types of organisations in both the private and public sectors. Organisations can only react correctly to a new technology when its leaders and key personnel are aware of it. Thus, business leaders need to stay invested in technological advancement and the release of all new tech, even those not clearly linked to their industry. Executives should assume a proactive approach to technology, evaluating new technologies as they become available, with the intention of harnessing or defending against the power of that technology before it is too late. Organizations and executives that are committed to being on top of the latest technologies and innovations will find an excellent resource in EarlyBirds’ Early Adopter programs, available at and offering useful tools for searching and evaluating upcoming innovations from innovative companies all over the world as well as those available on the market today.

The problem is with so much emerging technology it is difficult to focus on the technologies that will affect a business the most. There may not be one emerging technology that impacts a business, it could be several combined at once that triggers a compelling interest to an organisation or their competitors. The convergence of different technologies is where the real disruptive potential can emerge. Ignoring these technologies is not a strategy and procrastination may lead to competitors or new players seizing the opportunity and the market.

A proactive approach to evaluating, testing, trialling, and implementing emerging and disruptive technology means that businesses will have more control over strategic planning and the future direction of their operations to maintain a competitive edge. The best innovation strategy depends on the company, the industry it's in and its objectives. A proactive innovation strategy may be too risky for some companies, but it's essential for companies that want to succeed in technology markets. Companies that want to increase their market share or get ahead of the competition are unlikely to be successful if they rely on a reactive or passive innovation strategy. Many large companies use multiple strategies to keep their business innovative and meet the needs of different parts of their organisation.

EarlyBirds is best placed to assist organizations with their plans and strategies to identify, evaluate and adopt emerging technologies. The EarlyBirds award winning platform with over 4.5 million global innovators covering startup, scaleup and mature companies is ideal for enabling a proactive but balanced approach to drive innovation. Meanwhile, innovative companies and organisations can join the platform via and give their innovations greater reach on global markets than they necessarily would have had before. EarlyBirds allows innovators and early adopters to come together in new ways to enhance their organisations and maximise their potential businesses for the future through networking and collaboration.

EarlyBirds Innovation Maps are created on a business or technical theme and populated with global industry data that is dynamically updated. The maps have multiple uses from providing critical data for strategic decision making including the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies through to solving wicked problems, understanding strengths and weaknesses, and determining opportunities for collaboration. The EarlyBirds platform, services and collaboration tools are designed to assist companies and leaders to scale their capability edge so they can remain competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape. Only by staying on top of the latest technologies and innovations can a company hope to continue to do business in the future.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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