Geelong Conveyancing Establishment Lengthens Operational Hours to Keep up with Increasing Clients

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LEAD Conveyancing Geelong, a southwest Melbourne-based conveyancing firm in Australia, announced on Friday that they would soon operate seven days a week. The company’s reason for working daily at the office is to keep pace with the constant growth of its clients for the past months. For more information about LEAD Conveyancing Geelong, visit their official website.

These previous months, the firm’s daily clients almost doubled in numbers, from 20 to 30 before to 40 to 50 now. The sudden increase in the number of their clients stems from little competition around the suburb, as many clients also flood most conveyancing firms in Geelong. As of this writing, less than ten conveyancing companies are in the suburb. The extension of operations is crucial to maintain the quality of their work amid surging customers.

 Conveyancing Solicitor Geelong

The extension of working hours is an excellent scheme to utilise when handling many property sellers and buyers. It is a tactic that does not compromise the quality of work of any company, not just conveyancing companies. The long hours at work give company staff more time to focus well on the transactions they are handling, and it helps to avoid making impulsive decisions out of pressure to the deadline.

Before the inception of the company’s plan, its regular operating hours were 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays. They will also operate on Saturdays to Sundays from 8 am to 8 pm in the following months. Their technique is that they will assign different members to come to the office every weekend. All the members will have an opportunity to work on weekends until the schedule rotates back to the first ones that got assigned first. If possible, the process is made to avoid stress and maintain a work-life balance.

Licensed Conveyancing Solicitor Trinh Thai, the founder and legal director of LEAD Conveyancing Geelong, stated that they are willing to go beyond the extra mile to deliver quality services to their clients. "Working seven days a week is not a big problem for us, as we love what we do. The big deal for us is keeping our work's excellent quality. We all made and agreed upon this decision, from paralegals to solicitors. We want to maintain the good reputation of our firm, and working long hours at this time of unexpected flooding of clients is the best plan we can think of right now. Hiring more staff is our other resort if things do not go well."

LEAD Conveyancing Geelong was established to help people sell, buy or transfer their properties. They take pride in always doing the right thing for the sake of their clients. The firm receives customers not just around Geelong but also from other parts of Victoria. Their decision to work daily is a manifestation of their commitment to their work. They always find ways to serve their clients better. For further details about the company's range of services and operations across Australia, visit the official LEAD Conveyancing Geelong website.

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We are conveyancers based in Geelong VIC. As property lawyers we value our clients and staff. It's our commitment to give you the best conveyancing in Geelong as possible.

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