Sydney Holistic Dental Centre Explains How They Fit Implants

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NSW based Sydney Holistic Dental Centre (SHDC) would like to talk about their dental implant installation procedure. The clinic offers quick, affordable dental implant installation services, and these procedures are known for being very fast and painless. Dental implants are usually used to replace either single or multiple teeth that are damaged or missing. They can be used in conjunction with removable dentures to anchor or improve the latter’s stability. They are a very effective solution for a number of dental issues, and with the help of experienced professionals like those at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, getting them installed is a very quick and easy process.

“Dental implants are an excellent long term solution to replacing tooth loss,” says the Sydney dental centre. “Dental implants can be used to replace both single and multiple teeth, and can also be used in association with removable dentures to anchor or improve the stability of the dentures. Unlike other options that may be uncomfortable (dentures) or affect your natural tooth structure (bridges), dental implants can be both a great functional and cosmetic solution. It is important to note that each individual will have a unique set of circumstances that may influence which is the best option to replace missing teeth.”

Their holistic approach to dentistry is one of the reasons why their services are so reliable. Dental implants have a high success rate and longevity, but in order to ensure the best possible results, Sydney Holistic Dental Centre takes a number of factors into account. Whether or not the patient is allergic or hypersensitive to the metal used in the implants is an important question to consider, for instance, since installing implants that the patient may have a negative reaction to could lead to very serious complications in the future. SHDC also takes into account the patient's general health status. A compromised immune system, for example, can affect the longevity of the impact. This is why Sydney Holistic Dental Centre conducts thorough medical assessments on each and every patient to determine if they are a suitable candidate for dental implants. The centre also assesses why the teeth in question were lost to begin with. It is important, in holistic dentistry, to address the root cause of a problem instead of simply treating its symptoms.

The procedure can take up to half a year from start to finish, and with the help of Sydney Holistic Dental Centre’s experienced dental health specialists, it is efficient, quick and painless. Many patients report no pain or discomfort during the months-long process. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre says, “From start to finish, placement of an implant can take up to six months. The first step is an evaluation of whether this is a suitable option for you. This involves a detailed medical history, and some diagnostic scans that provide us with a detailed view of your jawbone. Once the procedure moves forward, a titanium screw (replacing the root of a tooth) is inserted into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth. Once the implants have integrated into the bone (usually 3-6 months) an abutment and crown can then be placed as the final restoration of the tooth or teeth is complete.”

There are a number of advantages dental implants offer over dentures. Dentures normally rest on the gums, while a dental implant is integrated into the bone. Dental implants are permanent due to the fact that they are fused to the patient’s jaw bone. Dentures are not fixed and thus may move and irritate soft tissues in the patient’s mouth. Much of a person’s everyday life relies on a healthy mouth and healthy teeth, and implants allow the patient to live without worrying about their dentures moving around in their mouths or slipping out entirely.

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is widely considered the best dental clinic for implant installation. For more information on dental implants in Sydney, visit Sydney Holistic Dental Centre’s website. Their state-of-the-art dental equipment and years of experience have helped dozens of patients achieve the perfect smile, and the team is always happy to help their community be both happier and healthier. See more here: Dental Implants Sydney.

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