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Melbourne, Victoria -

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne announced that it recently added a new conveyancing service on its website on Tuesday. A free conveyancing fees calculator gives a free quote to site visitors. For more information about LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne, visit their official website.

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne Founder and Legal Director Trinh Thai stated that the free calculator is one of the early plans of the company that finally came to fruition. "We know that this website feature has been a vital tool for this type of business since the establishment of LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne. We were blissful when this long-time project was successfully completed because we knew that it would have a great impact on the growth of our company. We did it not just for an increase in sales but mainly for the sake of our clients. We want them to give a convenient way of finding out what services they can avail from us. They do not need to leave their homes, start their cars and travel far just to inquire from one of our offices. I would like to thank the whole Melbourne team for making this happen. Without their efforts and sheer determination, this free calculator would not be possible."

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne

Furthermore, Thai also said that the creation of the LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne new website feature is an indication of the company's teamwork. "I just like to mention that teamwork between members of a business is really an important trait of any company. It makes almost everything possible. Companies will go nowhere without it. Good thing our company has it. This free calculator is the culmination of the unmatched coordination of each member of our company. It is true that if we work together, we will go far in this life."

The free quote is for buying, selling and transferring properties. It is available for existing houses, units, apartments, off-the-plan properties and vacant land across VIC, NSW and QLD. The quote will be sent to the potential client's email address in less than a minute once they complete the easy process. It consists of separated parts of fees payable after the completion of initial documents and settlement. Third-party fees, such as payment for PEXA, are also indicated on the quote.

In addition, the LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne free calculator is also available for contract review and contract drafting. Contract review is the process of critical assessment of the seller's contract of sale and section 32 statement, also known as the vendor's statement. On the other hand, contract drafting is the process of making a contract of sale for the seller's property.

The new free conveyancing calculator is beneficial for the advancement of the company. It is a great marketing tool in the digital era. It is easily accessible and easy to use at the same time. It is a competitive tool for higher sales opportunities and better business presentations. For those who want further details about the company's range of services and operations across Australia, visit the official LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne website.

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About LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne :

Our LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne office offers a residential property conveyance service in the Melbourne and the Greater Melbourne region for a fixed priced.

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