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Marshall & Gibson rebrands to M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney To Reflect Their Values That Put Worker's Compensation First

November 02, 2022
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The new name shows where the company's priorities lie and how seriously they take every single case, ensuring their clients get the best advice and legal representation.

Worker's compensation law firm Marshall & Gibson (M&G) has changed its name to M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney. The change reflects the values of the lawyers at M&G, who believe that worker's compensation is not just a legal process, but a fundamental human right. Work-related injuries are not something to be taken lightly. They can be devastating for the victim and can even destroy careers. That's why M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney believes the worker should receive fair compensation that they can use to make a life for themself and their family.

M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney

"Very excited to change our brand name as it reflects our commitment to being the best law firm that provides legal services for Worker's Compensation in Sydney," says Team M&G.

With a 99% success rate, M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney has always managed to get the best possible amounts in legal settlements, and if it came down to a fight, they went after the corporates with everything they got. Their services include worker's compensation claim, public liability/slip & fall, medical negligence claim, total and permanent disability claim, and motorcycle and vehicle accidents and injuries. The goal of the team has always been to fight for what's just for their clients and to represent their cases until the end, ensuring they receive satisfactory compensation.

It's not easy to be out there, doing the heavy lifting for the corporate, accidents can happen, and they can alter the individual's life or even the whole career. In fact, as per 2017-18 data, 563,600 people had a work-related injury or illness in Australia, but sadly, only 27% of them managed to get worker's compensation for the injuries. This is the kind of injustice that M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney stands against, and does its best to educate workers about their rights.

To show their sincerity to their clients, the company operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, which means they cover all the upfront litigation and court costs, including case preparation, court filing fees, getting expert witness reports, medical reports, and so on. They are only paid when they win the case and help their clients receive a satisfactory amount. Only a handful of law firms work in such a way, which truly shows their commitment to doing good for the workers risking their lives.

The M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney team has extensive experience in the field and can guide clients through the entire process of claim-making, no matter how complicated a case might be. They offer a no-obligation, free case assessment where one of their compensation specialist lawyers reviews the severity of injuries, situation, and place in which they were sustained, along with other factors, during the free consultation call with the clients.

Once the client gets the initial advice, it's up to them whether or not to work with M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney. If clients decide to put their confidence in them, the team starts working on coming up with the best course of action for the case.

The gist is that M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney goes above and beyond to sincerely help their clients get the best possible legal representation at no upfront costs. They've changed their name to reflect just that.

To know more about M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney or to procure their services, contact them via 1800 675 417 or visit their website.

About M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney:

With a 99% success rate, M&G Compensation Lawyers Sydney take every case with 100% seriousness and provide every client with first-class representation and professional advice in personal injury law.

They only take on cases that they believe they can win on a "No Win – No Fee" basis. This way, their clients can be confident that M&G is always striving to get them the best possible outcome.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About MG Compensation Lawyers Sydney:

If you have had an accident and need to file a Workers Compensation Sydney Claim, been the victim of medical negligence or had a slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence, contact us, a No win no fee lawyers in Sydney.

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