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Real Estate Property Management Software Released by LEAD

October 31, 2022
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LEAD Conveyancing, a law firm across VIC, NSW, QLD and WA, introduced real estate and property management software. The new software services which helps agents with property management in Australia can be found on the firm's official website.

This new website software of the company offers three free online quotes amenities for site visitors, including buying, selling and transferring property. These three categories are available for existing houses, apartments, units, off-the-plan properties and vacant land across VIC, NSW and QLD. Once the type of property, location of property is chosen, a further two questions will be asked, requesting the postcode of the property and additional details of the property. After that, the last step would be to provide personal information, such as full name, phone number and email address. The free fixed fee quote will be sent to the user's email address in less than a second a quote will be sent to complete the whole process.

Kristy Fletcher, a Senior Lawyer at LEAD Conveyancing, said that having the new website software is a great way of boosting the sales of the company. “This new software will provide unique features and advantages to those who wish to market property management services. The free calculator can show the prices of the company's services in just seconds. Site visitors can decide if they want to work with us with just a few clicks and types. Also, the calculator removed the hassle of travelling for several kilometres just to know what the company can offer. There is no need for people to personally visit one of the company offices. That is how this new software benefits the company. A brilliant tool made by a brilliant team. The company drew inspiration from other software out there, particularly these top pages. The company really went the extra mile to make sure that the enquiry management software was useful, particularly for tenants, inspection bookings and agents in Australia. The company is committed to helping and working with buyers, sellers, property managers, and real estate agents across Australia.”

The fees calculator software is mainly composed of two parts that are payable after the completion of the initial documents and settlement. Part A consists of charges for letters, documents preparation and searches such as title and plan search, including Goods & Services Tax (GST). On the other hand, part B comprises charges for the solicitor’s time and labour, including GST. Apart from the main charges, there is also a breakdown of 3rd party costs or simply called disbursements.

Furthermore, there are costs charged by other parties for the conveyance, which will need to be budgeted for as well. These costs include the PEXA fee, verification of identity, transfer duty and registration fee. Costs of transfer duty and registration fee are subject to the current market value during the transaction. In addition, priority fees depend on the date of the expected settlement from the date of contract drafting. Priority fees are categorised by 14 days or less or 21 days or less; the lower the days, the higher the cost.

For those who want further details about the company’s range of real estate & property management software, visit the official LEAD Conveyancing website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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