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Meet Positives Dating Site States Those with an STDs Can Often Safely Manage Their Reproductive Heath Issue

November 02, 2022
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Chicago, Illinois -

Meet Positives is a web-based service that’s dedicated itself to helping those that have a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) have an easier path to finding a new partner. It is also a service that likes to make its members and others aware of some of the misconceptions that surround dating a person with an STD.

A representative of the service, Michael Task, wanted to point out that although STDs fall into the category of reproductive health issues, their impact and concerns can be minimalized by awareness, education, medical treatments, personal discipline, and honesty. He says that it’s a shame that someone who is a person with much to offer a partner has no or limited dating choices because of the stigma that surrounds their reproductive health issues. Especially given the fact that the large majority of positive singles became infected through no fault of their own because either they had a dishonest partner or a partner that simply did not know that they had been previously infected with an STD. Task says that’s why he and the others at are so pleased to have helped create a dating service that caters to those with herpes and other forms of STDs, so they can have a relationship despite their reproductive health issues.

Task talked more about their service and how it works by saying, “Our website is built specifically for STD-positive people. Meet Positives offers a much-needed alternative to more traditional dating sites. For many positive singles, it gives them a second chance at dating. We do that by eliminating many of the mental and physical barriers that make positive singles hesitant to try and find a partner again. That includes matching up positive singles that have similar STDs, live in specific locations, and have several other factors in common too. Other basic information that the service asks for is gender, the gender of the desired partner, and the distance a positive single is willing to travel to meet someone. This all helps break down some of the typical dating barriers that those with herpes and other STDs face.”

Task went on to talk about some of the mental and physical barriers that those with STDs must meet head-on. One of the biggest of which is when they find a new partner, they will eventually have to come clean about being an STD-positive person. This is what’s known as having ‘the talk’. For those that have not been in this position, the company spokesperson says they cannot possibly relate to the fear that goes along with this. It encompasses everything from the possibility of a positive single being rejected by a new partner to dreading having ‘the talk’ so much that a person simply stops dating. He stated that because of the way that their app is designed, it eliminates the need for anyone ever needing to have ‘the talk’ again. So, there is one huge dating barrier that is eliminated easily by someone using the Meet Positives app to seek out a new relationship. There are also fears of having their reproductive health issues exposed or made too public. The company spokesperson says that for those with an STD that want to be totally discreet when looking for a date, there is no better way to do that than by using their safe and secure site. Positive singles also usually have a much lower confidence level when it comes to dating after contracting an STD. Their service overcomes that by placing members in a comfortable environment where everyone shares similar experiences and struggles.

Task added that the best way to take advantage of the STD dating service that they offer is to download the Meet Positives app. It can be obtained free of charge from Google Play and other similar app-finding services. Positive singles that would like more information on how this #1 STD dating service can help them arrange a meeting and the possibilities that may lead to can refer to the Meet Positives website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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