Alex Buys Vegas Houses Announces Buying Homes Near Foreclosure

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Henderson, Nevada -

Leading cash for home buying company Alex Buys Vegas Houses has said that the company has and continues to buy homes nearing foreclosure in and around Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV – Alex Buys Vegas Houses has announced that the company is buying homes nearing foreclosure. The company purchased nearly foreclosed homes in the past and has a track record of making excellent cash offers for them. However, over time as the market improved, many forgot that the company purchased homes from owners who were defaulting and in desperate need of selling. “Anyone in desperate need to sell my house fast Las Vegas can get in touch with us,” said a representative for the company.

Sell My House Fast Las Vegas

Alex Buys Vegas Houses is one of the most reputed cash-for-home-buying services in the city. Over the years, the company purchased several dozen homes from homeowners who were unable to sell for various reasons, one of which was defaulting on their payments to the mortgage company.

Traditionally selling a home nearing foreclosure is highly challenging. Regular homeowners don’t want to deal with the paperwork and hassle associated with buying a home from an owner that has defaulted. Foreclosed homes, therefore, sell for less because demand for them is next to none. However, cash-for-home buying companies like Alex Buys Vegas Houses offer good money for these homes.

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“When people say Sell My House Fast Las Vegas, they often aren’t aware of how good or bad the market is. Sometimes it is a buyer's market; other times, it’s a seller’s market. Regardless, foreclosed homes are something 99% of people don’t want to buy unless they are real estate investors like us.” Said a representative for Alex Buys Vegas Houses.

He added, “As real estate investors, we aren’t looking for the most beautiful home, but one with potential that even if it is nearing foreclosure, we can pay off, own and flip for a profit. That’s why we are probably one of the few who buy homes on the brink of foreclosure in Vegas.”

About Alex Buys Vegas Houses

Alex Buys Vegas Houses are run by Alex, a real estate investor with years of experience. He buys and sells homes across Las Vegas and is known for offering excellent cash value for most homes regardless of their condition and even if they are nearing foreclosure.

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About Alex Buys Vegas Houses :

We are one of the most experienced homebuyers in Vegas, having purchased dozens of homes estimated at over a million dollars. We have a track record of making generous offers and believing in the story behind each home.

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Alex Wentland

7062 Acorn Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89147, United States

(702) 793-2582

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