Meet Positives Herpes Dating Website Providing Romance Hope for Many Positive Singles

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Chicago, Illinois -

Meet Positives, the #1 herpes dating website, was created to provide romance hope for positive singles. Those that run the site realize that it’s sometimes very difficult for people with Herpes and STDs to find partners because of the often-unjustified stigma attached to their ailments or because of their lack of self-confidence. This can lead positive singles to be reluctant to reenter the dating scene.

Michael Task, one of the creators of the service, says, “Considering dating again after contracting Herpes can cause much stress and angst on the part of those that have it. That is very unfair because everyone deserves a chance to find someone special. Our app offers the chance to meet someone that suffers from the same conditions as you. Our users state that this often gives them the peace of mind that they need to get back into the dating scene and find someone special. Now there is no longer a need for anyone with HSV1 or HSV2 to hesitate to date again.”

Task went in to say that it’s usually not the fault of someone that they contracted herpes. Often, it’s a case they were intimate with a partner that was not forthcoming about their condition or was unaware of it and because of that herpes sufferers still have a right to be happy. Many positive singles have one common fear when it comes to dating. That’s having to eventually tell their new partner they have herpes or another STD. Something which he described as ‘the talk’. When someone uses their service to find a new partner, that becomes a moot point as infecting a partner no longer becomes a risk. Dating will once again become more normal for positive singles that use the website. The creator added that finding a partner that also has herpes would be almost impossible without services such as theirs but with them it’s easy. With their service, all that a person with herpes or other STDs must do is fill out some simple information on their website’s search function. This includes their gender, partner preference, location, age range of their desired partner, and what type of herpes or STD they suffer from. He mentioned that a site user can even determine the range of their partner search. For instance, that search can be conducted in a site user’s local area or across the USA. They even have many positive singles from other countries such as Denmark, Venezuela, and even Fiji. Task stated that they are very proud of the large number of positive singles that have decided to use their dating services.

The representative of this dating website for people with herpes also mentioned that they have a new app that is helping to make it easier than ever for positive singles to connect. That’s because people are no longer limited to finding a partner when they are sitting in front of their desktop or laptop computer. He says now positive singles can search for companionship while on a break from work, while in line at the store, or even while the previews are playing before a movie starts. It works much like the website as the same search criteria is input into the app to help a positive single find a match. Like the website, he says that the app is also a 100% anonymous service that is completely secure. It can now help some 40 million people in the world living with herpes connect with that special someone. Something that would be next to impossible without the help of their service. The site creator pointed out that their service works because their web community is made up entirely of people that understand a site user’s situation and are not so hasty to pass judgment. Something that is a welcome relief for those that suffer from herpes and other STDs.

Those that would like to know more about Meet Positives herpes dating can visit their website or download the app.

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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