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Mandich Property Group: Selling A Home By Owner Fast

October 13, 2022
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Marietta, Georgia -

how to sell my house by owner fast

Mandich Property Group, a Marietta, GA based home seller, recently published an article: How Can I Sell My House Fast Without a Realtor. The article talks about all the factors that property sellers must look out for, what steps they should take when looking to sell their house and how best go about the whole process in order to make it as fast and smooth as possible. With the right guidance, selling a home can be a stress-free and relatively easy process but if a seller does not go about it correctly, the company says it is not unheard of for the selling process to become mired in numerous issues, ultimately making it last several months. Learn more here: How To Sell Your House By Owner Fast.

“Selling your house yourself is going to take some work,” says the article. “There is a reason agents make the money that they do, but with all of the info on the web these days, it is a lot easier to sell your home yourself. Selling your house yourself, or For Sale By Owner (FSBO, pronounced Fizz-bo) requires a little investigation and planning on your part. The biggest thing where a lot of homeowners miss the mark is properly pricing the property. Get this wrong, and not only will you not sell your house fast, but you may end up holding onto it for months. There are even more sites that you can use to help determine the true value of your property like and and possibly more in your local area. The more places that you have to look for comparables (properties similar to yours), the better of a chance you will have to correctly set the right price. Depending on how many properties are available in your local neighborhood will determine if you need to set your price a little lower or not.”

The next step, according to the blog post, is to prepare the home. A good first impression can often turn a casual viewer into a fully committed buyer. This preparation involves painting, landscaping and generally removing all traces of the former inhabitants’ personality. All of this can help a home stand out from the rest as buyers tend to be interested in places that appear ready to be moved into.

Anyone looking to sell without the help of a realtor is encouraged to make sure that they are familiar with all the required closing paperwork for a home sale in their state. This means learning the ins and outs of the laws surrounding real estate and being prepared for when obstacles inevitably crop up during the sale. It is best for the seller to have a plan of action that they intend to follow in order to make it worthwhile for them to sell without an agent. According to the blog post, this is the best way to sell your house by owner.

An even easier way to sell without an agent is to work with a home buyer, such as Mandich Property Group. They offer cash for houses in any condition, and they are able to come up with offers and buy houses very quickly. Mandich says, “We take great pride in the fact that we offer the very best solutions for our clients as well as the very best all cash offers. When you deal with us, you don’t have to worry about getting low ball offers — like you do when you deal with the major chain We Buy Houses companies. We understand that you may be in a tight spot and dealing with a difficult situation. We care about our customers and everyone’s individual situation. We will treat you with the care and respect that you deserve. We want to help you the very best that we can. Even if we aren’t able to strike a deal and purchase your property, we will be more than happy to give you suggestions on the best ways to continue to help sell your property, given your individual situation.”

Find out more about selling a house fast by getting in contact with Mandich Property Group through their website. They are always looking to help everyone in their community get a great price for their properties, and every seller can be sure that Mandich will make the process many times easier. Learn More here: How To Sell Your House Fast.

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