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EarlyBirds Partners with Australian Climate Conference ImpactX Summit to Help Businesses and Organisations Achieve Their Net Zero Goals Faster

September 23, 2022
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Australia based EarlyBirds is a service that has made a name for itself by developing a global open innovation ecosystem that brings together early adopter companies and matches them up with relevant innovators and subject matter experts & consultants. But the company’s co-founder, Kris Poria, likes to remind everyone that they are also a forward-thinking business that truly cares about the world that they live and work in. That’s why EarlyBirds is pleased to announce that they have partnered with the 2nd Impact X Summit for Accelerating Action to a Net Zero to help ensure a nature positive future for all. EarlyBirds also offering discounted tickets for interested parties to attend here

Poria says that they are honoured to partner with the 2nd Impact X Summit because they feel their global open innovation ecosystem platform can be used as a catalyst to get impact technologies into the marketplace that can help solve globally shared problems such as the desire to meet the UN’s stated Net Zero goal by the year 2050. Net Zero planning seeks to eliminate the number of greenhouse gases produced by human activity by reducing emissions and coming up with new technologies that can absorb excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. He labelled this as a scenario that will have a lasting and positive impact on people and the planet.

The EarlyBirds co-founder Jeff Penrose went on to add that the 2nd Impact X Summit will be held November 9th to 11th in Sydney at the International Convention & Exhibition Centre. He also stated that he believes this summit is Australia's must-attend climate conference of the year. That’s because it features an expanded agenda of dialogue, workshops, and events that will be held to accelerate action for a net zero to be able to achieve a climate-positive future. It’s also a summit that is bringing together climate innovators, impact investors along with high-level government and business decision-makers who share a common passion to tackle the challenge of climate change. More specific details on the upcoming summit can be seen here at

Kris Poria went on to say, “EarlyBirds is pleased to be partnering with the Impact X Summit and the Early Adopters who are accelerating their strategies and plans towards net zero. Customers can use the EarlyBirds platform and services to help guide businesses and technical choices and solutions to achieve their Net Zero targets. An EarlyBirds Innovation Map provides an excellent strategic capability for organisations needing to understand and solve key net zero business and technical challenges based on desired themes and subthemes.” He also mentioned that their Innovation Maps are perfect for this task because they are dynamic, updated in near real-time, and keep up to date with emerging global innovations and trends in the market so that companies can find the most suitable solution or partner for their requirements.

Tony Boatman, one of Impact X’s co-founders, says, “We could not possibly be more pleased than to have EarlyBirds on board with us for our upcoming 2nd Impact X Summit. They have created a global open innovation ecosystem platform that I believe if used properly can bridge the gaps between early adopter companies, innovative technologies, and subject matter experts & consultants to better help businesses and individuals meet their important Net Zero goals.”

Poria went on to describe their global open innovation ecosystem platform as one that monitors over 4 million innovators, some 600+ early adopter organisations signed up, and several hundred subject matter experts. Not only is this a scenario that can benefit the environment, but it can also help businesses that are looking to grow become more relevant and help creative innovators get the financial backing that they need to bring their cutting-edge technologies into the marketplace. He says many people and businesses have already taken advantage of what their creative platform offers to accelerate capacity, speed, and culture to innovate and solve complex business and technical challenges.

Those wishing to get a better understanding of how EarlyBirds global open innovation ecosystem platform brings together early adopter companies, innovative technologies, and subject matter experts for the good of climate change or other individual and business goals can refer to the website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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