Dr. Sameer Suhail has Launched His New Website

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Dr. Sameer S. Suhail is pleased to announce the launch of a new personal professional site. The site contains information about Dr. Suhails successful career as an entrepreneur, health care investor, and philanthropist, along with informative and educational material.

Dr. Sameer S. Suhail is a renowned psychiatrist, business owner, health care investor, and philanthropist. He founded Foresight Health, a leading provider of mental health services in Illinois and Virginia. Dr. Suhlai is also the founder and CEO of Metropolitan Behavioral Associates, Inc., a psychiatric physician group based out of Chicago, IL.

Dr. Sameer Suhail is passionate about providing reliable management solutions and learning opportunities to healthcare providers, doctors, and physician practice groups.

To further highlight Dr. Suhail's expertise and experience, the new website features his educational and professional accomplishments as well as various videos he has made available for free online.

He’s also been interviewed by various media outlets including CNN, Fox News, NPR, and others.

Recently, Dr. Suhail spoke at length with Luke Kervin of Authority Magazine, sharing his thoughts on the top things that need to change about the U.S. healthcare systems in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

One quote from Dr. Suhail that was especially noteworthy is: "I would suggest that right now, 2½ years after COVID began, the #1 priority should be mental & behavioral health. There are areas where people don't even understand what a Psychologist is. Mental Health for Adolescents & Adults is one of the top specialties we need to concentrate on."

For more information about Dr. Sameer Suhail please visit Dr. Suhail’s website,, Dr. Suhail’s Facebook page,, or Dr. Suhail’s Twitter page,

Dr. Sameer Suhail, MD is an entrepreneurial physician, health care investor, and philanthropist who has worked extensively with large facilities and specialty practices across the healthcare sector. He has also invested in medical technology companies.

Dr. Suhail’s companies offer various types of consulting and business support to a variety of healthcare organizations. Collectively, they help doctors and clinics operate efficiently and effectively. They also supply physicians with everything they need to run an office, including staff, medical supplies, and equipment. In addition, they assist hospitals and healthcare facilities with similar needs. Finally, Dr. Suhail’s businesses also recruit and train new doctors and nurses. Dr. Suhail is a leading provider of educational resources for medical schools and residents across the country. He provides training for both U.S. and international medical professionals.

He's passionate about providing high-quality health care to people living in underserved urban and remote communities.

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About Dr Sameer Suhail :

Dr. Sameer Suhail, MD, is an entrepreneur, healthcare investor, and philanthropist. Dr. Suhail has extensive experience working with large facilities and specialty providers across the healthcare industry.

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Dr Sameer Suhail

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