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Meet Positives Releases Dating App for Meeting Positive Singles

September 15, 2022
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Chicago, Illinois -, a dating site for herpes singles and other STD positive singles, has released a dating app that allows people to meet and date with other positive singles. Positive singles are individuals who have been diagnosed to be positive for a particular sexually transmitted disease (STD). This app has been made available through Google Play and will be offering the same services that members of the Meet Positives community will get through the website. This app will allow users to register as a member of the community and take part in online dating.

Online dating can offer several advantages for positive singles, especially those who tend to be shy. This is because it is possible to get to know someone without having to be worried about the usual concerns when going out on a first date with someone whom they are not familiar with. By the time the shy dater fulfills the possible admirer, they have already reached a convenience level that allows the date to proceed more smoothly.

On the other hand, those who like socializing will tend to like online dating because of the variety of choices that are available. With so many people to choose from, it would be very easy for them to schedule several days in just a short time.

And online dating using the Meet Positives app allows all participants to be very discreet and to be very selective. Typically, members of the community can choose partners based on what is common to them through information obtained from the dating accounts. It is certainly better than simply making a choice in a bar based on how the other person looks. The Meet Positives site has the goal of allowing positive singles to get back into dating to enable them to find a suitable partner who can understand their conditions. It offers a platform where people can meet other people who are living with the same kind of condition.

Michael Task, a spokesperson for, warns, “Dating websites vary. Some delight users with specific advantages, such as the ability to upload a picture or brief video clip. Other dating websites offer cost-free exclusive e-mail accounts and also accessibility to thousands of accounts without paying a cent. When participating in internet dating, nonetheless, it is important to exercise care. Bear in mind that any individual with internet accessibility has access to these websites. It is essentially impossible for dating sites to weed out the poor seeds; the online dater needs to take care in establishing days with strangers. When meeting face-to-face, select a public place. Don't reveal excessive details until you have a great suggestion of the person's character.”

What positive singles usually are afraid of when they go dating is “the talk,” which is when they finally reveal their condition to their partner. This is the point in time when after having developed a bond with their partner, they run the risk of possibly getting rejected and embarrassed when then find out their partner is unable to accept their condition. With, they will no longer need to dread “the talk.”

For individuals who are STD positive, the Meet Positives website was designed to enable them to date without having to worry that their partner will judge them harshly because of their condition. However, those who use the site or the dating app are urged to follow certain rules. First, it is vital to ensure that their partner knows their status before engaging in sex. And it is also just as important not to reveal one’s STD in one’s profile. Instead, they should aim to find someone who appears to have an open mind and to reveal their condition at the proper time. Second, it is essential to study and be well informed about one’s specific condition. Third, they should always be ready to answer questions from their partner, which is another good reason to really understand one’s STD. And finally, it is always a good practice to use some protection when engaging in sex.

Those who want to meet positive singles can check out the Meet Positives website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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