Meet Positives Website Getting Much Publicity for the Way It Helps Those with Herpes & STDs Date Without Anxiety Again

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Chicago, Illinois - is an online dating service that likes to call itself the ‘New Face’ of STD dating for positive singles. Something that appears to be true given the amount of press that this web-based service is receiving. The site boasts that its membership continues to grow each day and it has helped connect thousands of STD singles. All this is done to enable STD singles to have a more normal dating process where no person in the relationship ever must have ‘The Talk’ again. Because of this success, many press releases and other articles have now been written about this Herpes and STD dating service. A company representative, Michael Task, says, “We are proud to be an online service that is once again bringing positive singles back to the dating scene in higher numbers than ever before. Those with Herpes and STDs deserve to have a normal dating experience just like any other person can expect. Our service has enabled those with STDs to no longer date with a secret that will eventually need to come out and frees them from the anxiety that obviously goes along with this.”

Examples of some of the Meet Positives press the service has received that speak of them glowingly include a press release titled ‘Meet Positives Is Changing the Shape of STD Dating in Texas’. This article talks about how the largest website of its kind is significantly impacting those in the Lone Star State with Herpes or STDs that wish to attempt once again to find a meaningful relationship and love. It mentions that even though there is a significant number of people in Texas that have Herpes or STDs, there is still a stigma surrounding sexually transmitted diseases in the state that remains persistent. The press release went on to talk about how the service is taking proactive steps to help positive singles in the state get around that. Another press release was titled ‘Meet Positives Aims to Be the Best STD Dating Site in the UK’. An article that shows that the #1 STD dating site in the United States is now taking its efforts overseas too and is making big inroads in the United Kingdom. It talked about how those in the United Kingdom with Herpes or an STD can now use this groundbreaking dating service to find a meaningful relationship while living with their ailment. The company representative added that as they continue to grow their services and significantly impact the lives of those with STDs who wish to return to a more normal dating scene, they expect to get even more positive press.

Task also wanted to mention the new Meet Positives app. Something that he says is adding even more convenience for those with Herpes and STDs that want a guilt and stress-free dating experience again. This new app can be had by both Android and Apple phone and smart device users and is completely free of charge. Here site members can enjoy the benefits of finding other positive singles in their area that have Herpes or the same sexually transmitted disease, so they no longer must worry about passing that illness on to their new partner if they decide to be more intimate. Something he says is paramount when it comes to a positive single getting back into the dating scene. This new app allows the user to do such things as search for a new partner in as small an area as where they reside or any place around the world where the app has site members. A list that according to Trask, just keeps getting bigger as more and more people sign up for the service that they provide to positive singles. He promised that they would continue to be an STD dating services provider that continues to be as progressive as possible by taking advantage of the latest technologies that come to the forefront. A trait that has always been prevalent with this service since it first started over 20 years ago.

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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