PR Agency In Tempe, Arizona, Reminds Businesses Of The Potential Of Press Releases For Boosting Digital Marketing Efforts

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Tempe, Arizona -

Lucid Leverage, a PR agency in Tempe, Arizona, is educating business owners and entrepreneurs on why a press release is an indispensable digital marketing tool that can supplement their current digital marketing efforts.

Custom crafted and highly researched web content, that answers questions that a company’s target audience is seeking explanations for, is an essential part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. However, it has one major drawback. Google’s algorithms are slow to crawl websites, index their content, and rank them alongside the business’ competitors. So, regardless of how well-written and informative one’s website copy is, businesses can expect a delay between posting the content and the content getting ranked on Google. Consequently, they may have to wait a significant time for their marketing investment to yield tangible results in the form of website traffic.

However, press releases, which some SEO insiders have jovially referred to as a cheat code, offer brands with existing content marketing strategies, a complementary way to get their content in front of their customers. Press releases offer a unique opportunity in the SEO landscape that custom-crafted web content just cannot match. Press releases get picked up by the search engine much faster than static content on a business’ website. Search engines will often display recently issued press releases as top-ranked search results when customers search online for a business in their local area. This exposure can drive traffic to the brand’s main website and thus also boost its other content.

Chris Quintela from Lucid Leverage LLC talks about the best way to capitalize on this special superpower that press releases have by saying, “You might already be pouring a significant part of your digital marketing budget into crafting unique and useful content that establishes you as an authority in your industry. With press releases, you can bring extra traffic to this rich trove of content that you have paid good money for, by making sure that search engines regularly feature your brand’s updates in their results. A focused and consistent press release strategy is invaluable for brands today as you can’t give up any advantage that can help you stand apart from your competition. If you want to tap into this source of internet traffic, get in touch with a PR agency that understands the best practices to follow while writing press releases. Here in Arizona, Lucid Leverage has been helping companies stifle their competition by always being at the forefront of their target audience’s attention for several years now. We even serve businesses in the rest of the United States and all over the world. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation to find out more about our PR services.”

Lucid Leverage has fostered a huge number of affiliations to social media hubs and prominent media publications to send out its clients’ press releases. Some of the large companies that it has partnered with include Yahoo Finance, Gannett, FOX, ABC, NBC, and the CW, among others. The company has also built strong relationships with influencers and news aggregators like Google News.

Lucid Leverage has a team of experienced native US-based writers who can craft high-quality content that publications with high editorial standards will wholeheartedly pick up to broadcast to their millions of readers and viewers. The Phoenix-based company ensures that its content is fully original and is not tainted with the scent of plagiarism that is par for the course for a lot of low-quality and unscrupulous PR agencies operating in this space.

The content is also SEO optimized to ensure that once the press releases hit the internet, Google’s algorithms identify it as being high-quality and relevant for the most searched keywords in the client’s industry. A team of editors also meticulously goes over every press release to guarantee that all of them are strictly edited and proofread and strike a professional journalistic tone.

Businesses keen on working with Lucid Leverage can contact the company at (480) 269-4544.

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