Arizona Restoration Company Advises Never to Put Off Water Damage Repairs in Phoenix

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Mesa, Arizona -

Dry Star Restoration of Mesa, Arizona has established a reputation for being one of the most reliable water damage cleanup options in their area. This applies to whether the company is drying up a home after a flood, fire, plumbing leak, or other types of water-related mishaps. Much of this is the result of the amount of water damage cleanup knowledge its crews possess combined with the state-of-the-art drying equipment that they use. One thing the company always makes aware to those that have had a flooding or water saturation incident at their home or business is the need to get the impacted area dried up and restored as soon as possible. A subject that was discussed further by the company owner, Richard Appel, who said, “While water is something that we all need to live and use lots of in our daily lives, it’s not your friend when it gets into places where it does not belong. Just a small leak can create thousands of dollars in cleanup and restoration costs. The longer that water sits in an area of a home or business where it does not belong, the higher these costs go. That’s why we strongly recommend to anyone that needs water damage repairs in Phoenix to call us immediately to rectify that problem ASAP.”

Appel went on to say that water is very unforgiving when it gets into an area where it does not belong. It will almost immediately start to destroy drywall, carpets, furniture, and other structural components in a home or building. He said that even small amounts of moisture that are not cleaned up can also result in rampant mold growth. This is something that can also cause damage to structural components and items along with being an irritant for respiratory-sensitive people and is often accompanied by a foul odor too. The company owner says that’s why they respond quickly 24 hours a day when someone calls them after a water flooding or leaking incident. He stated that they will arrive as quickly as possible and immediately take steps to remove and standing water that is present. Once that has been done, they will put in place special drying fans and other equipment that will eliminate any hidden pockets of moisture and prevent them from forming mold or doing more damage. Once the water has all been removed they will then go over the steps a home or business owner must take to completely restore the impacted area.

Customers that have taken advantage of Dry Star Restorations’ water mitigation and repair services have expressed great satisfaction with the results. Adam A stated in his 5-star review, “Amazing!! There are no other words to describe this company. They handled everything from start to finish after a water supply valve busted off and flooded my entire home! They arrived quickly and on time even on the weekends. They offer a huge selection of flooring and made my home look even better than before! Thank You Dry Star!” John Schneider proclaimed, “We were favorably impressed with all aspects of Dry Star’s work to repair our water damage. There were numerous individuals involved with the drying-out process and all were professional, respectful, and friendly. Martin pulled the whole project together and was responsive to our concerns. We had the most contact with George and Zac who accomplished the restoration. They worked hard, were professional, and were fun to have in our home - very nice guys who did a great job. Our final contact was with Chad who explained the legal and financial aspects of the job. He was also very professional and friendly too! I would definitely recommend Dry Star to anyone requiring repair of water damage. Great company to work with!”

Appel added that they provide water damage and other restoration and reconstruction services to many Arizona areas such as Apache Junction, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. More information on these water damage restoration and emergency fire damage contractors in Phoenix can be seen on the company website.

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