App for Positive Singles Taking the Anxiety Out of Dating for Those with Herpes and STDs

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Chicago, Illinois - is an online service that was created to help those with STDs, Herpes, and other sexually transmitted issues feel more comfortable with dating again. The service does this by matching site users with others that have similar ailments, so they no longer must worry about the fear of passing those sexually transmitted illnesses on to someone they care about. It also helps bring them great relief because they never have the stress of having ‘the talk’ again as they find someone to build a relationship with. To help more positive singles meet, the service now has apps available for both Android and Apple smart device users. This app will allow positive singles to connect with like positive singles more conveniently, so they can once again experience the joy of having companionship.

The company spokesperson, Michael Task, says, “For those that have never had to live with an STD, herpes, HIV, or other sexually transmitted health issues, they cannot even begin to know the hesitation and angst that goes along with dating for those that do have them. It creates enough anxiety that many people with sexually transmitted diseases simply choose to never date again. It would be a shame for positive singles to give up on trying to find a partner and with our new app they don’t have to.”

Task says that so far, the app has been very well received by those that are afraid to pass on a condition to those they are in a relationship with that they never wanted to have in the first place. This new app works for those who have HSV, Herpes, HIV, HPV, STD, STI, or other communicable diseases by them inputting some basic information about themselves. That includes the first name they would like to be called, their location, and what type of sexually transmitted disease they have. It also allows the user to initiate a search for other positive singles that can be restricted to their local area or made as broad as reaching out to other countries.

App users have the option to load photos of themselves and state what type of dating they are looking for or if they are just looking for friendship. The company spokesperson added that the meet positives app is free to download and is only recommended for use by those that are 18 or older. He said that with the creation of this new app for positive singles, Meet Positives should remain the fastest growing STD dating website for STD singles in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. It’s an accomplishment that those that help make this dating service work are very proud of because of the new lease on life it can give to those living with communicable diseases.

Task went on to say that many people would probably be surprised at the heavy flow of message traffic through the website and the new apps. Hundreds of messages are sent every hour through the service. Something the website’s creators hope will help thousands of positive singles find dates. The way the Meet Positives system works give positive singles their best chance to connect with the type of dating partners they are looking for. He added that the website and apps combine to have a near 50 – 50 mix of male and female users.

The company spokesperson says that those who would like more information on the new Meet Positives app can get that information by referring to the company website and download links related to specific mobile operating systems can be found there too. There is even a video embedded in the website’s homepage that briefly describes how the Meet Positives system works. He stated that the effort that has gone into the website and the new apps are what has helped to make Meet Positives the new face of STD dating. Task pledged that they at Meet Positives will continue to do whatever it takes to help people meet positive singles and give themselves as much of an anxiety-free dating experience as possible.

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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