The Mabra Firm in Atlanta Explains The Need for Calling Police After A Car Accident

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Atlanta, Georgia -

The Mabra Law Firm has posted a blog post that explains the importance of a police report in a car accident claim. The blog post suggests accident victims should immediately call the Atlanta police department to the scene of the accident and obtain a police report. The police report is crucial in filing a compensation and damage claim. The police will check for injuries, thoroughly investigate the accident scene and prepare an accident report.

The Mabra Firm's auto accident attorneys in Atlanta are the most trusted lawyers who work hard to protect the victim’s physical and financial health. The blog post advises accident victims to seek medical attention immediately to prevent injuries from becoming chronic and then speak to an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will start investigating the case immediately and look over the details of the accident to collect proof against the negligent party. They will immediately reach out to the insurance company.

The blog post states that it is easy to obtain a police report in Atlanta, where drivers can get the information online by filling out a few details. Victims may also get the report by contacting the Atlanta Police Department Central Records Unit at (404) 546-7461. It could take up to five business days after the accident for the report to become available.

A victim of an accident should also write down the reporting officer’s name at the accident scene and their police agency, so they know which agency to contact for their accident report.

The blog post also emphasizes the role of a police accident report in a car accident claim because, without it, an accident victim might have trouble pursuing an insurance claim. The Atlanta personal injury law firm explains that a negligent driver can contest liability without a police accident report, making it challenging for insurance companies to determine who was at fault for the accident. In that event, they may deny claims, and the victim might have to file a personal injury lawsuit and go to court. The blog post states that this will delay the financial recovery and add complexity to the case, raising the cost of resolving the car accident claims.

The Mabra Firm suggests that accident victims should file an accident report with the Georgia Department of Transportation if police aren’t called to the scene. According to Ronnie Mabra, the best personal injury attorney in Atlanta, “The Atlanta Police Department allows motorists involved in crashes where the police do not respond to fill out the SR-13 form, available on the city’s non-emergency ATL311 website. When filling out the form, you should include information such as where the accident occurred, the vehicles and drivers involved, and other details about the collision.”

The Atlanta accident injury firm emphasizes the need to call the police to the scene for an accident victim to get an impartial police accident report. An accident victim should contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta immediately if the police were not called. Accident lawyers in Atlanta specializing in auto accidents will make a massive difference in the outcome of an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

The blog post advises accident victims to seek adequate legal representation to ensure they are compensated for medical treatment and any property damage. This will ensure that an insurance adjuster won’t try to undervalue the victim’s claim.

Atlanta personal injury lawyers at The Mabra Law Firm are experienced in representing accident victims and ensuring they are fully compensated for their injuries after a car accident. Accident victims in Georgia can call 404-344-5255 or fill out the form on The Mabra firm’s website to schedule a Free Consultation with the best car accident attorneys in Atlanta.

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