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The Mabra Firm Explains How Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Can Help

August 16, 2022
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Atlanta, Georgia -

The Mabra Law Firm is the leading personal injury law firm in Atlanta that has a track record of helping many accident victims receive justice and maximum financial compensation. The Atlanta catastrophic accident law firm has updated its blog with a post about the crucial role of a catastrophic injury attorney in helping accident victims get justice. It boasts a team of skilled and experienced catastrophic injury attorneys in Atlanta. According to The Mabra Firm, any motor vehicle accident can prove catastrophic and have serious consequences that can change the lives of accident victims forever.

The blog post states that accident injuries can result in economic and non-economic losses from scarring to disabilities, disfigurement, and emotional suffering. The Mabra Firm helps catastrophic injury victims get full and fair compensation from the at-fault party so they can move on the best that they can. The blog post emphasizes that a victim of an accident can legally hold the at-fault party responsible for their damages if they were catastrophically injured due to their negligence or bad behavior.

An experienced catastrophic injury lawyer has the expertise and skills to build the accident victim’s case and help them collect maximum financial compensation. The blog post defines a catastrophic injury as a severe form of injury that will permanently affect the injured individual and cause permanent scarring and disfigurement or a lifelong disability that can affect their quality of life.

Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyers understand the amount of financial and non-financial losses that a victim suffers in such an accident. The blog post states that the family of the victim also suffers due to their injury. They may incur medical costs and other expenses related to the ongoing care, such as medical bills, physical therapy, rehabilitation, travel expenses to and from medical appointments, medications, medical devices, and live-in nursing care. The catastrophic injury could make the victim disabled, and they may not be able to contribute to household income or household chores.

Catastrophic injuries can affect the emotional well-being of a victim, and they might suffer from depression, anxiety, mental anguish, lost quality of life, humiliation, inconvenience, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The blog post adds that the victim’s family is also likely to suffer from non-economic damages, including the loss of affection, care, parental guidance, or spousal consortium, which often translates into higher damage awards for catastrophic injury lawsuits.

The best Atlanta personal injury law firm lists types of catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, and amputations, which require extensive therapy and costly medical treatments. The top Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer can help victims recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit involving catastrophic injuries. They do their best to get maximum compensation for victims that can help fund a lifetime of potential medical expenses.

An experienced personal injury lawyer has the knowledge, skills, and resources to handle a catastrophic injury compensation claim and help victims get the highest compensation for both economic and non-economic losses. Contact The Mabra Firm today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer in Atlanta who can represent victims of accidents and help them receive the highest compensation possible for their damages.

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