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Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm Lists The Many Culprits That Can Cause An Auto Accident On Georgia Roads

August 22, 2022
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Atlanta personal injury law firm Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. is warning Georgia drivers about the many different ways their lives can be at risk when driving on American streets.

Drivers who are speeding and driving aggressively are the banes of road safety in the United States. According to statistics published in 2018 by TeenSafe, there are 5 million crashes every year in the nation, more than 50% of which are caused by aggressive driving. Speeding is the most important contributor to this statistic. For example, in 2016, it killed 10,111 people, which accounts for more than a quarter of all traffic fatalities.

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Apart from the usual excuse of running late to be somewhere important, speeding can also be the result of someone who is avoiding the law, has consumed illicit substances, or is engaging in thrill-seeking behavior. Either way, they are choosing to put the lives of other drivers on the road in danger. Speeding drivers will try to change a lane too quickly, run through red lights, or make risky turns regardless of the direction and velocity of the traffic around them.

The dangers are compounded when the driving conditions are not ideal. For example, driving in a downpour, on slippery streets covered in a sheen of ice on account of snowfall, or during the night when the visibility is low, makes for hazardous driving conditions. On such days, it is recommended to drive slower and more defensively than usual.

Defective car designs can also be responsible for otherwise alert and traffic-conscious drivers to lose control over their vehicles. They can lead to recalls from major manufacturers, however, in most cases, only after innocent lives have been lost. Tailgating is another practice that can lead to accidents due to a lack of safe space between vehicles that are moving at high speeds.

Even if one is not impaired while driving, a lack of knowledge of simple traffic rules such as the right of way can lead to drivers displaying poor judgment and causing accidents. Potholes, tire blowouts, animal crossings, blind spots while driving large vehicles such as trucks, and improperly demarcated construction zones are a few more reasons for tragic accidents.

The spokesperson for Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., which has offices at 9 locations in the state, talked about the care that Georgia drivers should take by saying, “The motor vehicle embodies the spirit of American freedom that makes us the envy of the rest of the world. However, with this freedom also comes the responsibility to wield it safely. Cars are nothing short of death traps if your eyes are not on the road 100% of the time. Even worse, if you are regularly driving harshly or while impaired, it is but a matter of time before you find out just how dangerous they can be. However, even if you follow all the rules of the road, respect your fellow drivers, and make sure that you are never distracted while driving, there is no saying how other drivers on the road are going to act. If you spot any cars speeding, disregarding traffic rules, or carelessly maneuvering in and out of lanes, endangering others on the road, it is best to stay out of their way and pray for the best. If you ever happen to suffer due to the negligence of another driver on Georgia motorways and are looking for an experienced and astute attorney to represent you in your fight, give us a call. Here at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Attorneys At Law, we specialize in personal injury law and have over 350 years of combined experience amongst our staff. We can ensure that the party who has caused you pain fully reimburses you for your injuries and lost time.”

Georgia readers who want only the best auto accident law firm Atlanta has to offer to represent them can contact Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Attorneys At Law at (888) 579-1790.

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