Greenwald Law Offers Criminal Defense Services

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Middletown, New York based Greenwald Law is reaching out to the local community to share information about the range of services they offer. With an emphasis on Drug Crimes, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Arson, DWI/DUI and so on, the law firm makes themselves available to the residents of Middleton and the surrounding communities.

Founder of Greenwald Law Benjamin Greenwald says, “When it comes to crimes such as drug crimes or sex crimes, you need a lawyer who understands the law thoroughly to ensure that you present the best case for yourself. These cases, along with other sensitive criminal cases, require a deft hand, and that is what you will find at Greenwald Law.”

With drug crimes, the firm offers a number of ways to fight the charge, pointing out that defendants have more options than they may initially believe. This can include having the case heard in drug court and going to inpatient or outpatient treatment. Alternatively, those charged with drug crimes can opt to participate in the Shock Incarceration program or the Willard Drug Treatment Campus. In severe cases, there is a significant difference between going to jail and getting treatment. People who are given the chance to fight their addiction fare better in the long run, and the firm is dedicated to protecting their clients’ interests and freedoms.

Sex crimes are of a sensitive nature as well, but Greenwald Law has the experience to handle them in a capable fashion. Depending on the evidence against their client, the law firm will work with private investigators, forensic experts, polygraphists and other experts to evaluate the case. They also use witness interviews and expert testimonies to build a solid defense

Greenwald Law Firm has experience with a number of different sex crimes, such as rape, attempted rape and statutory rape; lewd conduct, peeking and indecent exposure; prostitution and loitering; crimes against children; possession of illegal pornography; failure to register as a sex offender and more. The team at Greenwald Law is familiar with today’s high-tech tools and has achieved favorable outcomes in sex crimes cases involving computers.

Benjamin A. Greenwald is a reputable criminal defense attorney in Orange County, NY. He has spent over a decade fighting to protect the rights and freedom of clients throughout the region. He has represented thousands of accused individuals — and he has tried and won numerous cases at the county, state and federal level. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys in Orange County, he has never worked for the government as a prosecutor. He has always served the accused throughout his career, and he believes in doing whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to achieve a successful outcome.

The services rendered by Benjamin Greenwald and his team have earned the law firm a lot of praise from their clients. P. Cruz writes in their review, “Mr. Greenwald represented our family member. He was professional. He knows the law and worked tirelessly on his client's behalf. He cares about his clients and works very hard to get the best possible outcome for his client. I would highly recommend Mr. Greenwald in a heartbeat.”

In another review, F. Aquino writes, “I highly and strongly recommend Mr. Greenwald for your legal problems. From day one, Ben was informative and attentive. Not only does he listen to his clients, he does everything to fight for you. On my first day meeting Ben, I cried in his office for about an hour. He made me feel safe and like my voice was being heard. Jess was also so lovely to meet. She is very kind and very helpful as well. Mr. Greenwald is an amazing person inside and out and did everything in his power to help me with my case. He is a very hard worker and once his mind is set to helping you, he does exactly that and then some. I am so grateful and thankful to have met Ben. Thank you so much!”

Those who want to learn more about Greenwald Law - Middletown, NY should visit the law firm’s website to get started. Benjamin Greenwald encourages interested parties to get in touch with him directly via phone or email. Greenwald Law also maintains a social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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About Law office of Benjamin Greenwald NY Criminal Defense Attorney :

Benjamin Greenwald is an experienced New York Criminal Defense Attorney, located in Middletown, NY.

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