Austin Roofing Contractor Roof Royale Tends To Local Roofs

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Hutto, Texas based roofing contractor Roof Royale is providing roof repair services to the local community. Roof Royale is committed to ensuring every home and business in the area enjoys a structurally sound roof for years to come, and they respond promptly to every call for roofing assistance. Learn more here:

Tony Schlessinger of Roof Royale says, “Like all things, a roof needs proper maintenance and occasional repair. This is simply inevitable. In fact, making sure that your roof is well-maintained is critical in ensuring that your home is a safe place for everyone. To that end, the team at Roof Royale is here for you, whether you are looking for roofing maintenance and repairs, just an inspection or anything else in between. After all, having peace of mind when it comes to an investment as big as your roof is priceless!”

Roof Royale - Austin Roofing Contractor

According to the company, there are a number of key signs to look out for when it comes to roofs. Certain signs of wear and damage are visible, clearly indicating that maintenance to the roof is needed. Some of the signs to keep in mind include issues that include missing shingles, shingles that are curling or buckling or cracking, shingles showing discolored streaks, moss growing on the shingles, the roof being 20 years or older and so on.

Roof Royale’s team of certified roofing specialists are able to properly assess roofs and determine exactly what needs to be done. With proper inspections and maintenance, homeowners may be able to repair certain parts of the roof before damage worsens over time, requiring more expensive solutions — such as replacing the whole roof.

Roof repairs are also complex jobs that require an experienced hand. Roofs in Texas need to be able to bear the brunt of Texas’ unique and sometimes extreme weather conditions. In the case of commercial buildings, there is actually a legal requirement that they all meet certain standards set by local laws and codes. While anyone who has proper construction experience may be able to deal with simple issues (such as individually damaged or missing shingles), addressing bigger, more complex problems is something better left for certified roofing professionals.

Schlessinger says, “Roof Royale’s team of roofing specialists are more than happy to come inspect and fix the roofing on your property. At Roof Royale, we have the knowledge and experience to properly install and maintain roofs of all types, and we only work with leading roofing brands, such as GAF, Owens-Corning, Arrow Line, Tamko, Atlas, and so on. We have worked hard to earn our reputation and ensure that you, our customer, has the best experience.”

The services provided by Roof Royale have earned the company a perfect 5-Star rating on the Google platform. Robert Flores writes in his review, “I just got my house hit with hail, and the size of them had me scared of what [state] it left my roof in. I called Roof Royale, and they came to inspect my roof. I had significant damage and decided to make a claim. They made me feel comfortable with the process and explained everything. I would definitely recommend contacting them to inspect your roof.”

In another review, Mark Shuffield writes, “I had a small leak in my daughter's closet after some heavy rains. Roof Royale came out and inspected my roof and attic the same day I called, and said [he saw] no damage on the roof. He offered to come out the next time again and check the attic when it leaked to see where the leak was coming from. This is such a good customer service experience. I expected to hear how bad it was. He said it was just the deteriorating plastic pipe-jack because we got 7 inches of rain. Took care of it that day, and haven’t had a leak since. I love the fact that he was honest, not trying to say things were wrong when they weren't. This is my new roofing company for the future. Integrity and honesty go a long way. Thank you.”

Those who want to learn more about all the services provided by Roof Royale or learn more about the company itself should visit their website for more information. The company encourages interested parties to get in touch with Tony Schlessinger directly via phone or email. Customers can reach the company via the contact form on their website as well. The Austin roofing contractor also maintains a social media presence on several popular platforms.

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About Roof Royale :

Roof Royale is a local, family owned and veteran operated roofing business in Central Texas. We have decades of experience and a commitment to deliver the highest quality services to our customers.

Contact Roof Royale:

Tony Schlessinger

520 CR 108 Unit 43
Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 379-7933

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