Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Advises Community On Rights

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Atlanta, GA based Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. is recommending that their community learn more about their rights in the event an accident should occur on the road. This includes drivers, pedestrians and other parties who regularly travel on or nearby local roadways. See more here: Auto Accident Lawyer Atlanta.

The firm comments that it will be obvious to anyone who lives in Atlanta, particularly the metro area, that traffic congestion is a serious problem. At any given moment, there always seems to be more cars and other vehicles on the road than the city can comfortably handle, and this, perhaps predictably, means that accidents are quite common in the area as well. It is the firm’s conclusion, therefore, that knowing how to respond following an accident would be of immense benefit to the average member of the community.

Auto accident attorney Atlanta

“You have to realize that it takes little more than a minor accident to change your life considerably,” states Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. "A so-called ‘fender bender,’ for instance, can give you whiplash under the right circumstances, and you may not even realize you have suffered this injury until some time has passed. This is why we strongly advise our clients to get checked out at a hospital or their preferred healthcare provider — even before they consider coming to us. In many cases, there is a small window in which treatment is at its most effective. If you miss this window when treatment is required, it may take you much longer to recover, and we have personally known many accident victims to have lifelong conditions that reduced their quality of life to one extent or another.” The firm adds that seeking medical attention will also mean that the victim receives documentation about their injury, which can be extremely important should they pursue compensation later on.

Atlanta has one of the highest population densities in the US, which can set up the perfect storm for a violent crash when combined with the sheer number of cars in the area, heavy rush hour traffic, drivers who speed or drive distracted/under the influence and so on. Should the worst occur, an accident victim can find their life irrevocably changed, especially if the incident involved a heavy vehicle. Their best recourse once they have their medical needs attended to is to consult with an experienced auto accident attorney. For their part, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. is always ready and willing to help.

The firm has a long history of standing up to large corporations and insurers alike. The former is notable in accidents with trucks and other large vehicles since these tend to be part of a larger fleet, and their representatives will want to do everything in their power to minimize their culpability. On the other hand, a victim may find that their own insurance provider will not be keen to provide the help their policy appears to guarantee. Such organizations, the firm points out, have a vested interest in minimizing payouts so they can maintain their profits. In both cases, the victim will find that the opposing party’s efforts will lead to them getting a smaller settlement or less compensation than their situation calls for, which in the best cases can often be difficult in the short term and disastrous later on.

However, this does not mean there is nothing that can be done. Unlike a corporation or insurer, an accident attorney’s sole priority is their client — the victim, and any Atlanta resident will find that Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. pursues compensation aggressively on their behalf. Further, given the sheer volume of cases the team has successfully dealt with over the years, they are able to tackle virtually any obstacle a case might present, no matter how unique or unprecedented the circumstances of the accident may be.

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. can be reached via multiple platforms and services, including phone, email and social media. They operate around the clock, so clients are advised to get in touch as soon as they need legal assistance. If necessary, the firm may also dispatch a team to visit the client personally. Interested parties may call now to learn more.

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