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The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta Explains What To Do After A Truck Accident

July 20, 2022
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Atlanta, Georgia -

A truck accident can be a devastating experience, states The Mabra Law Firm in its latest blog post, adding that such incidents leave accident victims severely injured, trying to process the event, and searching for what comes next. The blog post lists some of the most important steps for truck accident victims to take to make a complete physical and financial recovery and handle a personal injury claim. The blog post can be read here:

The Mabra Law Firm has been leading the charge for accident victims in Georgia for many years. The top Atlanta truck accident law firm advises accident victims to stay calm to avoid saying or doing anything that can hurt their chances of receiving compensation for their damages. The Mabra Firm suggests keeping cool and not yelling or putting the blame on the truck driver at the accident scene.

Ronnie Mabra, the top personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, warns, “Doing anything to escalate the situation can potentially put you in danger.” The best accident injury attorney suggests accident victims should report the truck crash to the police immediately and turn on their hazard lights so other drivers can see the victim and prevent another accident. The blog post also explains the need for victims of an accident to get emergency medical attention quickly.

The Mabra Firm suggests victims of accidents to ask for a copy of the accident report for their records to be handed over to their Atlanta truck accident lawyer. The report is an important piece of evidence to prove an accident injury claim in a court of law. The blog post cautions accident victims against ignoring hidden injuries even if they feel fine after the crash, adding that it is crucial to get a medical evaluation for all passengers of the vehicle involved in the accident. Timely medical intervention becomes crucial in detecting a serious injury like internal bleeding or a traumatic brain injury that needs immediate treatment.

Any delay in getting medical help after the accident gives the insurance adjuster a chance to contest the severity of the victim’s injuries. “An insurer will take advantage of the delay and use the information as grounds to offer a lower settlement amount, leaving you on the hook for some or all of your medical expenses,” warns Ronnie Mabra, advising victims to seek care the same day of the truck collision or within 72 hours after the accident. Another important step that a victim should take at the scene of the accident is to take photos from multiple angles and include shots of the vehicle, truck, visible injuries, and other things that could be useful, like skidmarks or traffic lights.

The best truck accident law firm in Atlanta advises truck accident victims to talk to eyewitnesses and get their information and exchange information with the truck driver without making any statements. “Even if you share some of the blame for what occurred, it’s smart to take some time, ask all the appropriate questions, make sure you are in a calm state of mind, and contact an experienced attorney before making statements or discussing the accident,” advises Ronnie Mabra.

The blog post also explains the need to report the accident to the insurance company so that medical bills and property damage are taken care of. Atlanta’s top personal injury law firm cautions victims of accidents against talking to the insurance company of the truck driver or trucking company, advising them to let the personal injury attorney handle communications with them. An experienced personal injury attorney is the best person to represent a truck accident victim.

The attorneys at The Mabra Law Firm are dedicated to providing legal advice and helping victims of truck accidents get the compensation they deserve. It is easy to schedule a free consultation with the best Atlanta truck accident attorneys at The Mabra Law Firm. Call (404) 344-5255 to get started today.

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