Toronto Functional Medicine Centre Explains the Functional Medicine Approach to Weight Loss

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Toronto, Ontario -

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada, has recently published a blog post that explains the functional medicine approach to weight loss. This article is titled, “Toronto Functional Medicine Approach to Leptin, Thyroid Health and Weight Loss.” It is pointed out that issues regarding weight loss may have an underlying cause. For instance, untreated thyroid problems, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, goiter, and thyroid nodules can be a factor because they could result in the slow release of thyroid hormones and slow down the person’s metabolism. Furthermore, leptin resistance may also be a contributor to problems with weight loss. When there is leptin resistance, the person always feels hungry. In this condition, the brain tells the body to reduce energy expenditure in order to conserve energy, which means it will burn less calories and this may contribute to obesity.

Leptin functions as a messenger that informs the hypothalamus whether the fat cells are hungry or full. With proper leptin levels, the brain knows when the person has consumed enough food for energy. However, if there is a deficiency in leptin, the brain is not informed that the fat cells are full, which results into the person always feeling hungry. Leptin resistance occurs when the body produces too much leptin because more fat cells formed in the body results in more leptin, ultimately resulting in leptin resistance. With the person always feeling hungry, this leads to overeating and obesity.

Functional Medicine Approach to Weight Loss

Meanwhile, leptin levels may also affect thyroid health. Under unhealthy body conditions, leptin is unable to function optimally, resulting into a lack of vital metabolic support. With leptin resistance the brain thinks the body is under threat of “starvation” and instead of flushing away excess fat, more fat cells are created, while producing enzymes that either inactivate or activate thyroid hormones. This may result into an imbalance in the thyroid T3 and TSH hormones, which are required for optimal metabolism function.

Natural treatment strategies for leptin resistance include: modification of certain lifestyle factors; dietary changes; improvement of sleep quality; and supplementation. They can help patients discover natural and innovative ways to decrease inflammation, such as reducing stress by increasing physical activity and using mindfulness and meditation. Dietary changes may include the reduction of sugar intake, increasing protein consumption, increasing consumption of soluble fiber, improving the gut microbiome, reducing carbs consumption, and more. With regards to quality of sleep, nutritional deficiencies may affect sleep and lab tests will be conducted to determine the lacking nutrients. And dietary supplementation may include taking supplements for kaempferol and L-cysteine.

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre also offers a broad range of treatment modalities for weight loss such as allopathic medicine, naturopathic care, accessible functional medicine testing, and clinical nutrition. Their integrative approach to wellness is suitable for both online consultations and in-person visits, for both chronic and acute health problems. Treatment plans may be developed for various health problems, including digestive issues, nutritional deficiencies, abdominal pains, brain fog, infertility, and other issues.

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre employs an integrative functional medicine approach, where they integrate allopathic and naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement, herbal medicine, and more. They restorative medicine for a range of health problems, including: neuropathic pain, postmenopausal health issues, acute health issues, hormone imbalances, and more. The health issues that they may help with include: tissue repair, cellular damage, chronic fatigue, athletic recovery, mineral deficiencies, DNA repair, infertility, immune function, thyroid conditions, body rejuvenation, adrenal function, and others. This private practice clinic in Toronto always applies a patient-centered approach to wellness and their functional medicine programs may be used for both chronic and acute care.

Those who would like to know more about the functional medicine services provided, such as the use of functional medicine for thyroid health, can check out the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre website, or contact them on the telephone (416) 968-6961 or through email at They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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