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Louisville, KY based number8 is pleased to bring its innovative staff augmentation services to IT teams throughout the US. Businesses in need of on-demand talent can now turn to number8 to resolve all their developer deficits.

As a business grows or comes across new challenges, its needs evolve, and the advantage of having dedicated IT staff on a project might be negatively affected simply as a result of not having the right talent on hand at a moment’s notice. IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that gives organizations the opportunity to swiftly add a developer with the right capabilities to their team. With number8’s help, this transfer can be done smoothly, enabling the client to pursue their business objectives without delay.

The Staff Augmentation Service Team at number8

Traditionally, identifying a talent gap in a staff of IT professionals is only the first step in a long line of investments, in terms of time, money and effort. In addition to locating talent with the right qualifications, the organization has to commit resources to determining whether they are a great fit for the existing team — and whether their experience can provide the right sort of propulsion its members are looking for. Notably, the financial investment alone can be significant, and errors made at this point can lead to that figure ballooning due to lost development time, missed deadlines, and so on. In many cases, bringing the developer up to speed with an ongoing project can be an arduous process all by itself.

The outsourcing model neatly sidesteps all of these issues. To begin with, most firms will exclusively attempt to recruit from a localized pool of candidates, severely limiting the choice of talent at their disposal. Thanks to number8’s network, however, they can now gain access to exceptional talent throughout all of Central and South America. This nearshore development also has an advantage over offshore counterparts in that it allows for all-day collaboration. Offshore outsourcing, spanning multiple time zones, can lead to remote responses and updates lagging several hours behind the primary development teams.

The company adds that they undertake a host of measures on their clients’ behalf to ensure outsourced developers match their specific needs as closely as possible. The number8 team always begins by examining every aspect of a client’s organization and learning more about their unique goals. The company’s recommendations are meant to stand without question, giving clients the absolute reassurance that any developers who receive number8’s backing are worth their time. To accomplish this, each candidate undergoes an extensive vetting process that includes questionnaires, live-coding challenges, personality assessments and even video conference interviews with senior number8 management.

Candidates sought through number8, therefore, have to simultaneously represent the fulfillment of two fundamental goals for any client: to supply the talent needed to maintain a project’s velocity and minimize costs. While every candidate will eventually prove themselves once they begin contributing to the organization’s own development efforts, number8 points out that costs are reduced across the board from the moment a business chooses to make use of nearshore staff augmentation.

For one, nearshore staff augmentation directly means lower development costs, partly due the fact that their developers’ rates are as much as 40% lower than remote developers based in the US. Further, the primary investment in recruiting top talent (vetting and so on) is taken up by number8, and this cost is never borne by individual clients. The agency also points out that their long-term clients are now working with an experienced team augmentation partner who has had the time to become intimately familiar with their staff structure and preferences. Since number8 can simply adapt to changes instead of starting over from scratch, they can find appropriate candidates faster and complete onboarding in a shorter period. This directly benefits the client as it cuts down on the time their team has to proceed with a member or more less than their requirements.

Many clients have already recognized how helpful this system can be. In their 5-Star review for nearshore development, Andrea D. says, “number8 is an excellent company! Their staff augmentation model makes team integration super simple, and their nearshore developers are extremely skilled in the most modern tools and technologies. Love being part of the team!”

Any business in need of rapid IT staff augmentation can guarantee their ability to find the right candidate by reaching out to number8 today. The team looks forward to learning more about new clients and meeting their staffing needs.

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