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International Removal Company Shares Their Customers' Advice On Moving Overseas

July 06, 2022
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London, England -

UK based PSS International Removals is offering advice on moving to other countries based on feedback from helping thousands of people move abroad over the last 40 years. Compiled by PSS International Removals CEO Liam Witham and published on the company’s public blog space, the article pulls directly from the experiences of customers who are already enjoying the fruits of a successful move.

Over the course of their survey, the company discovered that many of the same suggestions kept being offered by former customers who were eager to share their insight. Notably, the company also discovered that few had found cause to regret their move or wish they had stayed, and most had found that moving had ultimately changed their lives for the better. This is intriguing given that moving can be a complicated process, and the challenge it presents can appear overwhelming for many who consider it. However, with the right advice, it can become a much more feasible prospect.

couple moving overseas

The first piece of advice from expats and migrants — and the most common by a wide margin — was to begin moving overseas sooner rather than later. The article says, “A lot of people think about moving for a long time but procrastinate and delay before taking the first steps towards doing so. However, in hindsight, they discovered they had only been putting off enjoying their new life.” Recent changes, such as Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, made some people hesitate while others took it as a wake up call, and the company says this latter group has been steadily growing in recent times. If starting a new life overseas makes sense for an individual and their family, the company concludes, the best action appears to be the one that is made today rather than tomorrow; the sooner they move, the sooner they can begin enjoying their new life.

Depending on a variety of factors, a person may find it a relatively simple or complex process to obtain a visa. In any case, the company advises that they avoid taking their visa for granted and instead research it thoroughly, taking the time to learn what is required and whether they fulfil the associated terms. The article says, “You should give yourself sufficient time to look into the visa process and the correct visa that you will need. Learn about all the costs involved, as this will affect your budget. You may discover you don’t qualify for a straightforward route to a visa, but with a little creativity and a few additional qualifications, you may still find another way.”

Time is another aspect of the company’s findings that should be considered at every stage. Since many of the steps required to move overseas require an investment of time, the company encourages their community to take every measure to avoid unnecessary delays. To that end, one way they could do this is by beginning preparations the moment they know a move is on the horizon. Many customers the company spoke to shared that they were surprised by the amount of organisation required by the move, and they always wished that they had started earlier. This includes deciding what items will be taken, which shall be left behind and what may have to be put into storage or disposed of by other means. This is another reason for beginning the process sooner rather than later.

“When your visa finally comes through,” the article points out, “and you’ve handed in your notice, you’ll have so many things to organise in the run up to your move that you’ll be thankful you started decluttering well in advance. Most people we’ve spoken to say they significantly underestimated how much time this would take.”

Other advice includes allowing time to settle when you first arrive rather than rushing straight into a new job and also that it takes time to adjust to living in a new country. In the article Liam Witham comments, "Some of our customers have said they wished they had appreciated this more in advance as they felt quite uncomfortable in their first month and began wondering if they had made the right decision. However, within three months they were happily settled and enjoying their new life and new friends."

The full article has much more to share, including advice on preparing finances and doing enough research on the new location. All are welcome to read it at their convenience, and PSS International Removals is standing by to work with anyone who decides the time has come for them to move overseas as well. In this regard, a full breakdown of the company’s services can be found on its official website, and customers may contact the team directly by phone or email if they have any further concerns.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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