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Toronto Functional Medicine Centre Elucidates on the Functional Medicine View on Thyroid Toxicity

July 09, 2022
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Toronto, Ontario -

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada, has recently published a blog post that offers the functional medicine view on thyroid toxicity. Toxins can come in the form of bacteria, excessive doses of some prescription drugs, and even chemicals and heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium. These toxins can trigger acute or chronic health problems, particularly poor thyroid health. The thyroid has the important function of releasing hormones for fertility, metabolism, and various body systems.

The problem is that toxins exposure is a common occurrence. This is because people in developed nations spend over 90 percent of their time indoors and indoor environments are significant contributors to human environmental exposures. Sometimes, there is also acute and chronic exposure to toxins in the workplace, for instance, due to mold and the mishandling of chemicals. And toxins can also be found in common products, such as plastic bottles, which may contain bisphenol A (BPA), sofa flame-retardants, pesticides from fruits and vegetables, second-hand cigarette smoke, and cosmetics.

functional medicine view on thyroid toxicity

Removing toxins is necessary for all ages because, for one, toxin exposure can affect thyroid health. Toxins can interrupt thyroid hormone functions and interfere with the metabolism of T3 and T4, which are the hormones produced by the thyroid. Some toxins even have a structural resemblance to T3 and T4 and prevent the thyroid hormones from binding to cellular receptors or from transferring proteins, which result in thyroid problems. Furthermore, heavy metals can cause antibodies to attack the thyroid, which may result in an autoimmune condition that prevents the thyroid from doing its proper function, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease.

Fortunately, integrative functional medicine approaches may help with toxin removal and prevention. At the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, they would first suggest certain lab tests to check on the current condition of the thyroid. Their functional medicine practitioners may then develop a comprehensive treatment plan using a broad range of treatment modalities. For instance, they may recommend dietary supplements, chelation therapy, and or a metabolic reset detoxification program.

Using an evidence-based approach, they can recommend oral and intravenous supplementation with iodine, which may help in managing hypothyroidism. Iodine can encourage the production of the T3 and T4 hormones. In chelation therapy, the patient ingests a chelating agent or IV therapy may be used to introduce the chelating agent into the bloodstream to help in detoxifying the body from heavy metals. And in the metabolic reset detoxification program, a customized detox plan is developed that may help in revitalizing metabolism, while supporting weight loss and healthy detoxification.

At Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, they investigate the root causes of the patient’s health problems. Their integrative care encompasses functional care and collaboration, and they encourage patients and healthcare providers to develop the treatment plans together.

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre utilizes an integrative functional medicine approach, where they integrate functional medicine methods with restorative medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or Eastern medicine, naturopathic medicine, allopathic medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement, herbal medicine, and more. They use integrative functional medicine therapies for various types of health issues, such as: chronic disease, hormone imbalances, neuropathic pain, acute health issues, postmenopausal health issues, and more. The health conditions that they may be able to help with include: chronic fatigue, tissue repair, cellular damage, DNA repair, athletic recovery, mineral deficiencies, thyroid conditions, infertility, immune function, skin rejuvenation, adrenal function, and others. This private Toronto clinic applies a patient-centered approach to wellness and their functional medicine programs can be used for both acute and chronic care.

Those who would like to understand more about the treatment services provided, such as removing toxins to help improve thyroid health in Toronto and also how to use functional medicine for fighting candida, can check out the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre website, or contact them on the telephone (416) 968-6961, or through email at

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