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Open Innovation Company EarlyBirds Talks About Sensor IoT Tech Market

June 13, 2022
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Open Innovation experts recently shared information about sensors, what they are, how they are used, and how organizations and individuals can find the sensors that fit the needs of their projects. This information is available via the company’s website, at

EarlyBirds is a global open innovation platform that connects people looking fornew technology to use in their projects with the innovators who are making big changes to the way things are done. The areas in which innovators on the EarlyBirds platform can be discovered covers many industries, including teams working on building better sensors for all kinds of applications and measurements.

Sensors are devices or machines used to collect data about the environment it’s in and send information about what it captures to a receiving device. In the same way that a human’s senses give them information about the environment around them, sensors are the parts that give a machine information about its surroundings. Sensors are mostly used with other electronic devices or aided by software including machine learning, artificial intelligence and quantum computing to process the data captured in the field or a laboratory.

Some of the physical qualities a sensor can capture, and measure include things like temperature, light, pressure, ultrasonic, colour, touch, flow and level, smoke, acceleration, infrared, humidity, and tilt. Sensors have become a major component of the devices, tools and systems used in many industries across a wide range of applications including manufacturing, health, agriculture, mining, recycling, aerospace, space to name a few. They have been used for many years in aircraft for autopilot and are rapidly emerging in the Electric Vehicle market. On the EarlyBirds platform, entities looking to use innovations, such as novel sensors, are known as “Early Adopters” because they are early adopters of new technology. Information about Early Adopters can be found here:

Because sensors are used for so many applications across such a large swath of industries, sensors have become a big business. The global sensor market has rapidly grown in recent times due to things like their ease of use, the ability to increase productivity and reduced total cost of ownership couple with technological advancement. The global sensor market was valued at USD 151.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 431.21 billion by 2030 with a CAGR or 11.3% during this time. This is just some of the data that show how the IoT and sensor market is flourishing at breakneck speed, bringing unprecedented opportunities for all types and sizes of businesses. It is estimated that by 2030 around 50 billion IOT and sensor devices will be in use around the world where operations can be handled remotely with real time data and field staff equipped with handheld devices to make assessment or decisions on the spot.

Finding the right sensor in a rapidly developing tech market can be a challenge. The variety of sensors available is daunting and choosing the right sensor plus knowing what is emerging and disrupting the market adds to the complexity of identifying the right solution for a business's technical and business needs.

EarlyBirds has been working with a number of customers who are looking for leading edge sensors to meet highly specialised needs. Working with their subject matter experts a well-defined challenge statement was created to identify highly technical sensors that would change how they undertake highly specialised tasks. The EarlyBirds Challenger Program was applied to the challenge along with its world leading platform and open innovation ecosystem of over 4 million innovators. The EarlyBirds platform monitors large number of innovators working on building new and better sensors, as just one example of the many kinds of innovations available to Early Adopters on the EarlyBirds platform. For more information for innovators, see

EarlyBirds makes it possible for organizations to find novel technologies that suit their needs, and for innovators to market and sell their creations to exactly the people who might want them. Readers who are interested in learning more about EarlyBirds and their platform can visit their website for more information.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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