Sydney Dentist Recommends Invisalign For Better Quality Of Life

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NSW based Sydney Holistic Dental Centre has identified a need to explain how teeth straightening procedures can make a positive impact in a patient’s life. The clinic acknowledges that some people believe that the only advantage is cosmetic in nature, but there are actually several practical benefits to undergoing this procedure.

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre’s top recommendation for those who need their teeth straightened is Invisalign, a procedure that enables their dentists to correct a number of issues for their patients. Such issues are caused by narrow jaws and crowded teeth, including obstructed breathing, poor oral hygiene and so on.

Invisalign clear aligners

According to the practice, narrow jaws and crowded teeth restrict airflow in several areas, namely the nasal passages and sinuses. Furthermore, they reduce how much space the tongue has to sit in the mouth, exacerbating the issue. The less room there is, the more obstructed the patient’s breathing will be, and the clinic says this is especially evident at night. Some patients may find that they develop sleep apnea as a result. This is a potentially serious condition given that the patient’s breathing becomes erratic during sleep, stopping and starting repeatedly. Should the problem worsen, they may need to undergo continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy to treat it, necessitating that a CPAP machine (with a mask and hose) be worn during sleep. Naturally, patients will typically prefer to avoid this possibility.

On the other hand, many patients understand what poor oral hygiene can do. An evenly spread set of teeth is more exposed to standard brushing techniques, the clinic explains, so patients will have little problem maintaining their oral hygiene if they follow the usual guidelines. However, patients with overcrowded teeth will find it difficult to reach all the surfaces of their teeth, making it much more likely for plaque and calculus to accumulate in these spots.

As such, patients are advised to speak to a dentist as early as possible if they believe they have narrow jaws or crowded teeth. Better yet, they should visit the dentist for a checkup every six months or so, giving a professional a chance to conclusively identify these issues for them and propose a treatment on time to make the most impact.

Should a patient visit Sydney Holistic Dental Centre for Invisalign treatment, they will need to begin by having a consultation with their dentist. As a practice that takes a holistic approach to every case, Sydney Holistic Dental Centre considers the entire health and well being of the patient when assessing their suitability for Invisalign (or any other procedure).

In a recent article on the subject, the practice says, “A series of clear, virtually invisible, custom-moulded removable aligners are made. Each aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks while your teeth move incrementally into the correct position. The aligners are worn at all times but can be taken out for eating and drinking.” More information on this can be found here:

“I can’t speak highly enough of Sydney Holistic Dental Centre,” says patient M. Jordan in their Google review. “I had so much anxiety about going to the dentist that I had been avoiding dentists for years. Dr. Lewis made me feel so comfortable, and after years of fear I am now happy to go to my dental appointments. On top of that, their work is amazing, and I love that they look at the whole person rather than just your teeth.”

Similarly, A. Michell-Taverner says about their Invisalign treatment, “After searching for years for a dentist, I came across Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, specifically Dr. Lewis. I wish I had switched to him sooner. Fantastic attention, service, experience and eye for detail. You know you're in good hands when your dentist takes the time to understand you as an individual rather than just another patient. I am always able to get an appointment, and nothing is too much trouble. My Invisalign results are amazing, and I actually look forward to my cleans with the hygienist (true story) — it feels like a spa day! Highly recommend.”

Further details regarding all the clinic’s services can be found on their official website. Alternatively, patients are welcome to connect with the team via their preferred social media platforms.

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