Rising Cost Of Moving Labor In Washington DC Explained

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Washington, District of Columbia -

McLean, VA based MyProMovers was recently covered by South Korean broadcaster MBC in a discussion of the macro-economic environment around labor, especially in Washington DC. Commonly referred to as ‘wageflation,’ the rising cost of labor is an aspect of the market that many are keeping a sharp eye on as it has many implications for the future and how prices for goods and services may fluctuate as time goes on.

The article in question explores how numerous logistics difficulties are being exacerbated — and sometimes caused — by a severe shortage of labor in the market. While turnover may have been high in a number of industries prior to the pandemic, companies could often depend on a steady influx of workers who were ready to make up the shortfall. However, following the pandemic, which forced many communities around the world into prolonged periods of isolation as a result of lockdowns, preferences in the workforce seem to have shifted, and this shift may be permanent.

As the article points out, younger workers are placing a higher emphasis on work-life balance, choosing to forego jobs with longer hours for opportunities to spend time with their families or invest in other pursuits. On the other hand, senior workers are also choosing to retire early, either for similar reasons or over concerns that they are at higher risk of adverse health effects during the pandemic (since Covid is known to hit the elderly particularly hard). To compensate, businesses have had to raise wage offerings in order to draw interest from workers, but this has also been reflected in a rise in prices.

Commenting on the cost of labor in the area, CEO of Logistics Company My Pro Movers DC Tusun Alkau states, “It has risen a lot. Compared to before the corona pandemic, we have to pay a whopping 30% more.” Companies in this industry operate on relatively tight margins, especially if they already strived to offer their customers the most affordable rates in the area. With wages rising so rapidly, logistics experts like MyProMovers have unfortunately had to raise their rates in order to stay in business.

However, this does not mean that customers are getting nothing in return. Higher wages can also mean that workers will be comfortable being held to higher standards, and this can lead to an improvement in the quality of services rendered. Alkau explains that MrProMovers already had a reputation for excellence in their field, but the higher wages has helped them attract diligent employees who are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction at every turn. They are also able to hire people with prior experience in moving and logistics, shortening how long it takes for them to get up to speed with the company’s routines. This directly contributes to how quickly they can offer customers an exceptional service that is in line with MyProMovers community’s expectations.

As a result, anyone looking for a professional moving company in Washington DC need look no further than MyProMovers. Their team is accustomed to working in a wide variety of scenarios and in nearly all weather, and they can be expected to give their utmost attention to every customer they work with.

Alkau clarifies that MyProMovers is taking every step possible to minimize any impact rising wages may have on their rates. As a logistics provider, they already have a wealth of experience analyzing their operations for areas that can be streamlined, and efforts are well underway to accommodate the expected rise in wages for the immediate future and beyond. Should a customer be concerned about the cost of an upcoming move, however, they are welcome to reach out to the company for further details. Whether they are moving to Washington DC or any other area, the company will be pleased to share insight on expected costs.

MyProMovers maintains a presence on several social media platforms, and they encourage their community to get in touch through their preferred channels. Alternatively, the company can be reached via phone or email. Tusun Alkau of MyProMovers and other members of the team will always be available to address their concerns and inquiries.

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May 13, 2022Rising Cost Of Moving Labor In Washington DC Explained