Nevada Residents Find Effective Addiction Treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health

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Costa Mesa, California -

Costa Mesa, CA – The fight for sobriety is not one that can be won alone. Everyone needs help achieving long-term sobriety, and for most people that means seeking professional help. Residents of Nevada are finding this help at Resurgence Behavioral Health in Costa Mesa, located just outside Los Angeles.

Resurgence offers comprehensive treatment for substance use disorders involving alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication, as well as for associated mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. At its Costa Mesa center, located just outside Los Angeles, addicts seeking to achieve long-term sobriety will find cutting-edge treatment. The homelike setting is designed to immediately put people at ease and in a positive mindset for recovery.

Nevada Residents Seek Alcohol & Drug Treatment at Resurgence

Resurgence offers the entire continuum of care for addiction treatment, from detox through inpatient and outpatient care, followed by sober living, aftercare, and ongoing alumni programs to keep graduates connected and invested in their sobriety. In addition, several forms of cognitive and behavioral therapy are offered, and treatment can be integrated with 12 Step programs if the client chooses. Resurgence also offers virtual therapy, offering the option of telehealth consultations to clients who cannot travel to Costa Mesa for treatment.

These options can be effective for residents of Nevada, where drug addiction is a growing problem and overdose rates are climbing. According to the Nevada State Unintentional Drug Overdose Reporting System, deaths increased by about 55 percent between 2019 and 2020 – from 510 to 788 deaths. Nevada residents love Resurgence due to its close proximity, yet being far enough away to break the ties that bind them to addiction, spatially.

Even harsher, overdoses nearly tripled among those younger than 25, from 38 in 2019 to 106 in 2020.

Half of those who fatally overdosed also had a mental health problem, and three in four had wrestled with a substance misuse problem other than alcohol dependence. Yet only one in nine had ever received substance abuse treatment.

The connection between substance use and mental health disorders is a common one. Substance misuse is often only a symptom of a deeper emotional or psychological problem or it may be a strategy for coping with past trauma. Resurgence believes strongly that both conditions must be treated together, with an approach known as a dual diagnosis treatment; if left untreated, the emotional affliction will eventually lead to a relapse as the addict tries again to self-medicate their inner turmoil.

This strategy is one of many ways in which Resurgence tailors the treatment to the individual rather than asking the client to fit the therapy. As a result, the staff customizes the program to the client rather than expecting the client to fit into a one-size-fits-all plan.

Treating the whole person means providing a tranquil, inviting physical environment that feels more like home than a therapeutic facility. Resurgence has found that nature has a calming effect that opens the mind to accept therapy. When the stress of everyday living is removed, the recovering addict gets breathing room for a clearer assessment of their situation.

In this peaceful environment, Resurgence provides several unique programs to smooth the path to success in recovery. Pets are allowed, as Resurgence believes they offer essential emotional comfort. Couples can attend treatment together, although they live in separate accommodations for residential care. Smoking is allowed outdoors, and clients can have access to cell phones after a two-week stabilization period.

Residents of Nevada, or anyone searching for help with a substance use disorder, can find a solution designed for their unique needs at Resurgence Behavioral Health. For assistance or more information, visit online or call 855-458-0050.

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