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Costa Mesa, California -

Costa Mesa, CA – In the struggle against drug and alcohol dependence, the only distance that matters is the one that measures where addiction ends, and sobriety begins. Effective treatment can be a few steps or many miles away; what counts is where you finally find success. For many residents of the Seattle area, that place is at Resurgence Behavioral Health in Costa Mesa, California.

Resurgence offers comprehensive treatment for substance use disorders involving alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, and associated mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The Costa Mesa center is located near Los Angeles and draws many Seattle residents seeking long-term sobriety. Here, they find cutting-edge treatment in a homelike setting that puts them at ease and in a proper mindset for recovery.

Resurgence Alcohol & Drug Rehab California Facility Caters To Seattle Residents

The Seattle area is coping with a growing opioid crisis, with skyrocketing overdose rates. According to the county Medical Examiner’s Office, fentanyl-involved deaths more than doubled in King County last year, spiking from 171 in 2020 to 388 in 2021. Meanwhile, the county had its highest death rate from overdoses involving alcohol and other drugs, which rose from 511 in 2020 to 709 in 2021.

Resurgence provides the entire continuum of care for addiction treatment. Although treatment is customized for the unique needs of each client, the program usually begins with medical detox to prepare the body for therapy by eliminating alcohol and chemical substances. Clients then move to rehab to start exploring the root causes of their addiction. When the client leaves treatment, they continue to work on their recovery through outpatient therapy. Finally, aftercare continues to help the client maintain long-term sobriety, including sober living residential care and a strong support network.

Several forms of cognitive and behavioral therapy are offered, and treatment can be integrated with 12 Step programs if the client chooses. Resurgence also offers virtual therapy, offering the option of telehealth consultations to clients who cannot travel to Costa Mesa for treatment.

The connection between substance abuse and mental health disorders is a common one. Substance abuse is often only a symptom of a deeper emotional or psychological problem or may be a strategy for coping with past trauma. Resurgence believes strongly that both conditions must be treated together, with an approach known as a dual diagnosis; if left untreated, the emotional affliction will eventually lead to a relapse as the addict tries again to self-medicate their inner turmoil.

This strategy is one of many ways in which Resurgence tailors the treatment to the individual rather than asking the client to fit the therapy. As a result, staff customizes the program to the client rather than expecting the client to fit into a one-size-fits-all plan.

Treating the whole person means providing a tranquil, inviting physical environment that feels more like home than a therapeutic facility. Resurgence has found that nature has a calming effect that opens the mind to accept therapy. When the stress of everyday living is removed, recovering addicts get breathing room for a clear assessment of their situation.

In this peaceful environment, Resurgence provides several unique addiction programs to smooth the path to success in recovery. For one thing, pets are allowed as Resurgence believes they offer essential emotional comfort and support. Also, addicted couples can attend rehab together, although they live in separate accommodations for residential care. Smoking is allowed outdoors, and clients can have access to cellphones after a two-week stabilization period.

Residents of Seattle, or anyone searching for help with a substance-abuse disorder, can find a solution designed for their unique needs at Resurgence Behavioral Health. For assistance or more information, visit online or call 855-458-0050.

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We are the #1 addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa California for alcohol & drug rehab as well as detox. From alcoholism treatment to heroin, meth and cocaine as well as prescription drug addiction, we can help.

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