Dr. Mark Hickman Stresses Affordable Price of a Vasectomy Reversal

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Dr. Mark Hickman, MD, FACS, a surgeon in New Braunfels, TX, wants to stress the affordable vasectomy reversal procedure that he is offering for men who want to father a child once more. He has two all-inclusive options with the lower priced option at $3,300 for the microsurgical vasectomy reversal, inclusive of oral sedation drugs and local anesthesia. The other option is $4,200 for microsurgical vasectomy reversal, inclusive of IV sedation that is provided by a board certified anesthesiologist. Both are all-inclusive, which means there are no hidden fees. Furthermore, for out of town patients, Dr. Hickman has made it less costly for them with his exclusive deals with some of the hotels in the area to allow patients from other places to get a 50 percent decrease in the cost of their hotel accommodations.

Dr. Hickman says, “I’m on a mission to enable men to restore their virility and become fathers again. Vasectomy reversal surgery is the only focus of my practice. I’m a skilled pioneer in microsurgical technique and have performed thousands of successful reversals leading to thousands of births and happy new parents. And with my all inclusive fee there are no surprises, call today for your free consultation. Also, if you happen to be traveling to see me, please ask Pat our office manager about our discounted hotel rates here in beautiful New Braunfels, Texas.”

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Dr. Hickman obtained his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX, when he was only 23 years of age. After that, he underwent extensive training when he completed his general surgery residency at the University of Texas, which lasted for five years. It was during this residency that he became familiar with microsurgery performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeons. He soon realized the significant benefits offered by microsurgery, particularly with its much reduced impact on the patient. Dr. Hickman then launched his private practice in New Braunfels in 1988 and he quickly gained recognition as one of the pioneers in laparoscopic surgery. He also taught minimally invasive surgery techniques to other surgeons.

He has more than 26 years of experience and has earned the reputation of being a top minimally invasive surgeon. With more than 1,300+ vasectomy reversals under his belt, he has too many to count pregnancies, and he has also ‘corrected’ many vasectomy reversals from other providers with a substantial amount of successes. And in compliance with his core values, he has decided to offer an affordable all-inclusive vasectomy reversal price.

Dr. Mark Hickman also wants to point out that he has launched a vasectomy reversal ministry. He believes that performing vasectomy reversal is not just a business for the doctor but he considers it more as an “apostolate” mission of spreading God’s Word. He points out that no matter what the reason was for the vasectomy, the person was basically putting himself ahead of God’s will by controlling his fertility. He believes that it is being disobedient to God’s plan for men and women who were originally commanded by the God to produce children.

While he understands that married couples may have legitimate reasons to avoid having more children, he believes that vasectomy is not the way to do it. He suggests that couples use the natural family planning method, which doesn’t use any chemicals or artificial hormones, but is based on taking advantage of infertile periods and self-observation. Dr. Hickman performs the microsurgical vasectomy reversals to enable husbands to become fathers again or for the very first time. He and his team are happy when they receive notifications about pregnancies and births from their patients. He feels elated in the thought that he and his team have been fighting back effectively against the current culture that has little respect for human life.

People who want to know more about the vasectomy reversal surgery provided by Dr. Hickman can visit the Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. The practice is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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Expert Affordable Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman. Vasectomy reversal with an all-inclusive vasectomy reversal cost of $3,300. Dr. Hickman has ‘corrected’ many vasectomy reversals from other providers as well with great success.

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