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5 Ways Not To Be Nervous, Scared Or Have Anxiety About A Lasik Procedure

April 21, 2022
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St. Louis, Missouri -

St. Louis, MO based Brinton Vision is sharing 5 Ways to Not Be Nervous, Scared or Have Anxiety About Your LASIK Procedure in a post on their official website. The clinic offers the LASIK Procedure, which is a form of laser vision correction, and they believe their patients will feel less anxious once they understand what it entails. While Brinton Vision specializes in this procedure, they also offer its six modern variations, which are SMILE, EVO ICL, Light Adjustable Lens (LAL), PRK, KAMRA inlay and refractive lens exchange (RLE), a cataract surgery alternative.

Many experience fear and anxiety when considering a LASIK procedure, whether it is a fear of the unknown, pain or lasers. Brinton Vision firmly believes that information is one of the most powerful ways to combat anxiety about surgery. The LASIK surgery is a quick and painless procedure that takes no more than 15 minutes, and the laser spends only a few seconds on each eye. Patients largely report that this short time passes very quickly, even if they are anxious or nervous. Many often fear that they will sneeze or cough during the procedure and lead to bad results or even injury. Brinton Vision assures their patients that such injuries and complications from LASIK are exceedingly rare. The clinic also highlights that there are reliable ways to prevent movement during surgery. To quote the post, “A sophisticated laser system tracks the tiniest involuntary movements of the eye and adjusts the surgical laser accordingly to achieve pinpoint accuracy.”

The LASIK procedure also has over two decades of successful use, which Brinton Vision points out is a comforting track record. The Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery states that 99% of LASIK patients achieved 20/40 vision or better, while 90% achieved 20/20 or better. As of 2016, laser vision correction enjoyed a 96% patient satisfaction rate, and it has the highest success rate of any elective procedure. For most people, the best part is perhaps the fact that they will be able to move forward with clear vision. The specialists at Brinton Vision will walk patients through the procedure and answer any and all questions they may have. The laser eye surgeon will also give the patient instructions on what to do before, the day of and the day after the laser surgery to reduce risk and ensure that they get the best experience possible.

Those feeling nervous are recommended to do deep breathing exercises, which are easy and effective at reducing stress and anxiety at any time. The trick is to keep breathing at a slow and steady rate — and to also practice the technique for a few days before the procedure. The clinic also recommends bringing a friend or family member for emotional support, as well as someone to drive the patient home after the surgery. Having a friend or family member nearby may have a calming influence and provide a welcome distraction (as well as a safe journey home). The clinic also suggests bringing music or a game on the patient’s phone to keep the mind occupied before the procedure. The surgeon allows them to listen to music of their choice during the procedure.

Anesthetic drops will effectively numb eyes against pain, but it is still normal to feel anxious about LASIK eye surgery. LASIK surgeons can also provide patients with an anti-anxiety medication such as low-dose diazepam (Valium) shortly before the surgery in order for them to feel more at ease. Many patients worry about experiencing pain, of not being in control, or of being awake for the procedure. The clinic assures their patients that LASIK is painless, thanks to numbing eye drops, and most feel little more than slight pressure, if anything at all.

Patients looking forward to life free from glasses or contact lenses will find that laser eye surgery is often the solution. Brinton Vision uses advanced technology to achieve optimal vision correction and offers all seven LASIK eye surgery options available to date. The clinic will set up their patients with the Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis in order to see how they can achieve visual freedom. To learn more about Brinton Vision, they may visit the clinic’s official website. The team can be contacted via phone or email as well.

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