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North Texas Plumbing Offers Grease Trap Plumber Services

April 14, 2022
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North Texas Plumbing, a commercial plumbing company based in Watauga, TX, is happy to announce that they are offering grease trap repair and installation services. Grease traps are a necessity in restaurants and other food service providers, such as cafes, hotels, pubs, bars, inns, bakeries, schools and colleges, and takeaways. They have a team of professionals experienced and skilled in installing or servicing grease traps to ensure that they can perform their function properly.

A grease trap is actually a receptacle where wastewater containing fats, oils and grease (FOG) is allowed to enter and the wastewater is provided with enough time to cool and separate into three layers. The upper layer is made up of FOG, which is trapped with a system of baffles. The lowest layer has solids that have settled to the bottom, allowing the clear water to escape through an outlet baffle. The solids and grease accumulate over time, which necessitates the cleaning of the grease trap at regular intervals. Grease traps are one of the specialties of the plumbing professionals at North Texas Plumbing and they are always ready to provide grease trap installation and repair services.

grease interceptor installation

There are three basic types of grease traps, which are the passive hydromechanical or manual grease traps, automatic grease traps, and gravity grease traps, and North Texas plumbers can handle all types. The traditional passive type of grease traps are the most common, especially in smaller establishments. This is primarily due to the low initial investment cost and the wide range of sizes to choose from. The smaller versions can easily be installed under most sinks but there are also larger units for bigger establishments with larger amounts of wastewater. The designs of these grease interceptors date back to 1885 when the first US patent was issued for it.

The automatic grease traps are also called automatic grease removal units (AGRUs) and apply some of the basic principles used in the traditional passive trap, except that they reheat and skim out the FOG automatically based on a programmed schedule. The skimmed FOG is transferred to a collector bin for easy removal and recycling. The programmed schedule is usually based on the quantity of FOG produced by the establishment and is chosen in such a way that operators won’t have to monitor the grease levels. AGRUs have a higher initial investment cost but are more efficient and have lower long term servicing and running costs.

Gravity grease traps are typically big in-ground tanks made from fiberglass, concrete, or steel. They function just like the passive grease traps except that they have a much bigger capacity and work better for high-flow wastewater applications. However, gravity traps have to pumped out based on a certain schedule and this is typically done by a specialist grease management service provider like North Texas Plumbing.

Marc Sims, owner of North Texas Plumbing, says, “We handle all types of commercial plumbing jobs including grease traps. Every restaurant owner knows grease traps are a necessity, but they are also a major headache when something goes wrong. If you are building your establishment it is important to get your grease trap installed the right way the first time so that you can get on with building your business instead of dealing with plumbing problems. That’s where Dallas Fort Worth plumbing comes in. Grease traps are one of our major specialties.”

Launched in 2013, North Texas Plumbing provides commercial plumbing services for businesses in the Forth Worth - Dallas - DFW Metroplex - North Texas area. Their services include: drain line repiping; installation of grease traps; water line rerouting; water main repair and replacement; water jet pipe cleaning; medical gas plumbing; tankless water heater installation; foundation leaks and slab leak repair; sewer line repair and replacement; drain cleaning; gas line installation; gas line repair; and more.

Those who are in need of the services of grease interceptor installers in Dallas Fort Worth Texas can check out the North Texas Plumbing website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.

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About North Texas Plumbing:

Commercial plumber in Dallas Fort Worth Texas specializing in grease trap installation and repair, medical gas piping, oxygen piping, nirtous oxide plumbing for medical, dentist offices, surgery centers and hospitals. We do large commercial plumping work.

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