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Medical Gas Plumber Helps Healthcare Facilities Achieve Smooth Operation

February 14, 2022
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Watauga, TX based North Texas Plumbing is pleased to share that their team provides medical gas plumbing services to local healthcare facilities. The company’s extensive expertise allows them to install, repair and perform maintenance on plumbing for hospitals, medical offices, operating rooms, veterinary surgical centers and much more. Each service is carried out to the highest standards possible, and the company assures full compliance with all associated regulations and best-practice guidelines.

North Texas Plumbing provides a full suite of medical piping solutions under one roof. In practice, this means that a client can have every aspect of a proposed project handled by a single contractor, all the way from the design stage to final implementation. The company is fully licensed and insured for medical gas work, so clients may seek their assistance with creating a custom solution for the premises in question and be confident that it meets the most stringent requirements for safety and quality.

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While medical gas plumbing is quite similar to other types of plumbing, the company explains that pipes used in this type of construction are made exclusively from specialty grade copper. Furthermore, a healthcare facility can deal with far more complex mixtures and concentrations of gasses than the average home or business. There is also a much lower tolerance for leaks or faults since medical piping will usually spend its lifetime in close proximity to vulnerable patients. Furthermore, certain gasses pose a serious hazard if they are allowed to build in concentration outside the piping. Oxygen, for instance, is quite flammable despite how useful it is in a medical setting. Similarly, nitrous oxide is used as an analgesic and anesthetic for certain procedures, but a buildup outside the pipes can cause dizziness, unconsciousness and even death.

As such, it is recommended that clients exclusively work with medical gas plumbers (also known as installers) who are experienced in their field and have a reputation for excellence. Fortunately, those who choose to work with North Texas Plumbing instantly have the benefit of such expertise at their disposal.

North Texas Plumbing is proud of all the work they do for their community, be it residential, commercial or medical in nature, and they believe that their work speaks for itself. As such, a potential client need only walk through any of the other facilities the company has helped erect to see the result of their efforts — a flawless and reliable system that can withstand the type of heavy, extended use that such locations are known for.

However, no system can be designed to last forever, so North Texas Plumbing recommends that clients have their facilities inspected on a regular basis in order to ensure everything is working as intended. Apart from the safety concerns that arise from piping that is late for an inspection, the company points out that leaks can also cost a healthcare facility money in terms of lost product. Given the present situation with the pandemic, even a small amount of waste can add up over time and reflect poorly on the location as a whole. The best way to avoid this is to be proactive. A professional inspection conducted on a recommended schedule (the specifics of which may be subject to the location’s precise setup and requirements) is potentially an investment in a smooth and uninterrupted operation.

In the event a fault is discovered (or if the facility experiences an accident and requires a swift repair), the team will instantly get to work on repairing the damage. North Texas Plumbing understands that shutting down any area of a hospital, clinic and so on can drastically affect its ability to serve its patients, so the team has taken the measure of developing a series of rapid-response strategies that they can use to minimize downtime. This means that any medical facility can return to normal function with fewer delays.

Notably, the company reassures their clients that such events are highly unlikely to occur. All installations are built to last, and they are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand all the stress they are likely to be subjected to once activated. North Texas Plumbing is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job.

Medical facilities that require the attention of a medical gas plumber are invited to get in touch with Marc Sims of North Texas Plumbing today. Additional information regarding their various services is also available on their website.

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