Toronto Functional Medicine Centre Explains How IV Therapy Can Help with Zinc Deficiency

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Toronto, Ontario -

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre (TFMC) in Toronto, ON, Canada, has explained that through IV therapy, people with zinc deficiency may be able to find a solution for their condition. It is important to note that people require micronutrients, which are a group of essential minerals and vitamins. Sometimes, people have a deficiency in zinc, which is a micronutrient that is involved with reproduction, immune function, chemical reactions, growth, and vision. In fact, zinc serves as a cofactor for more than 200 enzymes, and cellular metabolism heavily depends on it to work properly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 17.3 percent of the world population may have zinc deficiency as a result of the insufficiency of zinc in their diet. And up to 30 percent are at risk of zinc deficiency in some parts of the world. Sadly, even in the western world where food is easily accessible, there is still a risk of some people suffering from zinc deficiency.

IV Therapy Toronto Zinc

It is important to note that zinc may offer benefits for mental health. This is because it is one of the micronutrients that are involved in learning, behavior, and mental functions. Secondly, according to the CDC, zinc may help people fight certain infections, including pneumonia and malaria. Zinc supplements may also decrease the length of colds and help in promoting optimal functioning for a person during cold and flu seasons. There are a number of symptoms of zinc deficiency, such as: diarrhea, impotence, weight loss, low immunity, lethargy, loss of appetite, and slow wound healing. And people with certain health issues tend to have zinc deficiency because of malabsorption problems or diet choices. For instance, these are people who don’t consume meat; alcoholics; people with digestive issues, such as Crohn’s and colitis; and people with sickle cell disease.

IV therapy in Toronto may be recommended for patients who don’t like swallowing pills or they have malabsorption problems. With IV therapy, therapeutic doses of the micronutrient are directly inserted into a blood vessel with the advantage that the body can readily use the micronutrients for cellular function. This is in contrast to swallowing a pill where the micronutrients will have to pass through the gastrointestinal system before reaching the blood vessels. Some oral pills sometimes cause diarrhea because they have to pass through the digestive tract.

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre also wants to remind patients that they should not take zinc supplements before consulting with a naturopathic doctor, who will first rule out drug interactions or allergies. It is also important to note that too much zinc in the body can interfere with copper and iron absorption. Excessively high doses of zinc may also result in nausea and even vomiting. It is therefore essential to only use zinc supplements or zinc vitamin IV therapy only if a deficiency has been diagnosed, the person’s diet is really low in foods that contain zinc or the person has malabsorption issues.

The TMFC was founded to focus on the use of integrative naturopathic functional medicine. They combine the functional medicine approach with alternative medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine or Eastern medicine, homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement, IV therapy, and others. In addition, the clinic applies functional medicine and alternative therapies for a broad variety of health problems, such as: neuropathic pain, nutritional health, hormone imbalances, postmenopausal health, chronic disease, acute health issues, and more.

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre offers various kinds of nutrient IV drip therapy, such as ascorbic acid / vitamin C infusions, amino acids, zinc, vitamin D, and folic acid, while applying an integrative approach to naturopathy, functional medicine, and allopathic medicine.

When in need of IV vitamin therapy Toronto residents can check out the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre website, or contact them on the phone (416) 968-6961 or through email They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.

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