Patient Thanks Staff at Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles for Their Encouragement and Support

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Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, CA – She was sad, nervous, and scared when she first arrived, recalls former Muse Treatment client Jessica O. But she was immediately put at ease and found the help she needed to overcome substance use disorder. Jessica was so grateful, she left the alcohol and drug rehab a five-star review on Google.

“I highly recommend anyone to this facility,” wrote Jessica. “I love that the staff is so positive and encouraging and also very, very supportive in my recovery.”

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Muse Treatment is an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles that provides effective treatment for drug and alcohol dependence, addiction to prescription drugs and medications for mental health disorders. Programs include medically supervised detox, residential and outpatient rehab, sober living programs, and extensive follow-up, aftercare, and alumni programs to connect clients with supportive communities long term.

Its programs have received numerous accolades from former clients, who, like Jessica, often praise the compassion and caring of the staff.

“Once I got to treatment, all the staff was awesome,” she wrote in her review. “They treated me with love and respect and were also very welcoming.”

Muse intentionally creates an atmosphere of support right from the start, knowing how anxious and uncertain many people are when they first arrive. The first step in the journey of recovery is often the hardest; it takes strength and courage to let go of familiar, if harmful, ways of life. Muse intake advisors are compassionate listeners with years of experience in helping prospective clients realize they have the power to change.

Jessica recalled one counselor, Angela, with special gratitude.

“When I arrived, Angela greeted me and did my intake, and she made me feel so comfortable and made me forget where I was at,” Jessica wrote. “We had a great connection from the start. I felt safe from the start and knew I would be in good hands.”

Because of the staff, Jessica overcame her uncertainty about the program.

“At first, I was planning to stay thirty days,” she wrote, “but I decided that I would do a six-month program because I knew I had so much more support than I ever had in my life – not even my family from Texas gave me any support. Every staff member had such a great impact in my journey, from techs to [nurses] and to administrators and cooks.”

Muse staffs its recovery teams with accredited and experienced experts who design a treatment program specific to each client’s mental and physical needs. They work with medical professionals, behavioral health specialists, experts in addiction treatment, and fully licensed and credentialed therapists.

Programs seek to find the root causes of each person’s addiction, which may only be a symptom of an underlying mental health disorder like anxiety or depression. Muse uses a multidisciplinary, integrated approach that helps clients learn new coping skills and develop healthy relationships. Staff members work with clients all the way through aftercare and alumni programs, encouraging and supporting them at each stage of the process.

For Jessica, the staff is what made the difference in her recovery.

“I am so blessed and thank God above that I picked the right facility for my recovery,” she wrote. “If I could request all staff for a raise, that would be appreciated. They all deserve it because they work so hard to make this place a better and safe place. Thank you all – I can’t thank you all enough.”

Anyone seeking to recover from addiction can speak with an addiction treatment specialist at any time by calling 800-426-1818. Visit Muse Treatment online to learn more. Muse Treatment offers quality addiction treatment for residents of California and beyond.

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Muse Treatment is the #1 addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, California for alcohol, prescription and drug rehab as well as detox.

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