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A new resource is available online for anyone looking to rent warehouse space for a company, or other use. Austin Tenant Advisors, an Austin, Texas based commercial real estate company that advises and assists renters and potential renters (also known as tenants), has published a blog post sharing 11 important tips for anyone leasing warehouse space. This post is available to read here:

There are a number of reasons someone might want to rent warehouse or industrial space. The uses of these spaces can include storage, manufacturing, and more. Every property will be different, having a variety of features, requirements, and obligations the tenant must complete to be able to rent the space. It is important that any potential tenant understand what they are planning to use the facility for, so they can have a clear idea of their needs when speaking with owners, landlords, and listing agents about their warehouse spaces.

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Among factors a prospective tenant needs to consider when choosing a warehouse or industrial space to rent, is the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, or HVAC, system, the operating expenses of the space, the square footage or dimensions of a space, and the parking availability and zoning of the property. When considering the heating, ventilation and air conditioning team, for example, very few warehouse or industrial spaces include a full building HVAC system. Instead, an HVAC must be installed and mantained - or not maintained - by tenants. For this reason, people looking for Austin warehouse space for rent will want to decide if they need HVAC. If they do they will need to determine the cost to install one. If there is an existing system in place they need to have the HVAC systems inspected to be sure they get a working HVAC system that doesn’t need expensive maintenance to operate.

Different warehouse spaces will have different operating costs, and it’s important to understand what is and is not included in the operating expenses for a given space. Taxes, insurance, and maintenance are typically included in operating expenses. Square Footage is another measurement that can differ from one warehouse to another, with different landlords choosing different guidelines for how they measure the space they’re letting out. Interested tenants may also want to consider the electric power available in the space, the ceiling height, the maximum load of the floor in comparison to their intended use, and what the expansion options in case more space is needed.

Keeping track of all the details of warehouse spaces and one’s needs for a lease can be complicated, so it can help to find the assistance of a professional. Austin Tenant Advisors is a commercial real estate agency specializing in helping tenants find the right property for their company, whether they are looking to lease, rent, or buy a commercial property. Austin Tenant Advisors works with tenants to understand what they need, in terms of size, location, budget and timeline, and then provides the interested party with information about all of the available properties that may meet their needs. Then they assist tenants through the process of touring, writing proposals, and negotiating until they have found the best warehouse or industrial space for their needs.

Austin Tenant Advisors has over 16 years of experience in lease negotiations and renewals, expansions and the purchase of commercial real estate, including warehouse space Austin Tx. They can find industrial spaces that meet many Tenant needs, from warehouse and distribution, to flexible warehouses that can be divided in a variety of ways. They can also find buildings suitable for research and development teams, manufacturing, and retail warehouses that fill a need for fulfillment, logistics and training.

Warehouse space in Austin is located mostly in Northeast and Southeast Austin and Austin Tenant Advisors can save time and energy for interested tenants by looking at all the industrial spaces available in the city. Anyone who wants to know more about leasing warehouse or industrial space in Austin, Texas can contact Austin Tenant Advisors, or visit their website to read their new blog post, 11 important tips for anyone leasing warehouse space.

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