Sydney Holistic Dental Practice Has Established a Reputation for Safe Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre (SHDC) has established a reputation for providing New South Wales dental treatments that go well beyond just making smiles better and teeth and gums healthier. This includes doing treatments with an overall health approach in mind that can leave other areas of the body feeling better and healthier. A good example of this is its safe mercury amalgam filling removal treatments. These treatments get rid of fillings that contain one of the most toxic substances found on the planet before it ends up in an area of a patient’s body where it can cause extreme health concerns. Robyn Farley, a spokesperson for SHDC, says, “Many people are aware of the concerning presence of mercury in water and some large ocean fish but what many people are not aware of is the biggest threat to getting mercury poisoning may come from their teeth. That’s because for over 150-years mercury has been used as the major component in the amalgam fillings that are put in place after a cavity has been removed. If you live in Sydney and this concerns you, our amalgam filling removal treatments can give you some great peace of mind.”

The dental centre’s spokesperson went on to inform that there is not just a small amount of mercury in an amalgam filling. That’s because mercury typically makes up over 50% of an amalgam's content. She says this translates to being a large amount of mercury in a person’s mouth that has had several cavities removed and replaced with amalgam-type fillings. That’s why their dental practice has not been involved with using mercury-containing amalgam fillings since 1987. By removing these fillings in a way that’s safe for the body it eliminates one of the biggest sources of mercury poisoning that a person faces in their life. Being a holistic dental facility means the dental practitioners that perform mercury amalgam filling removal have established a set of protocols for the procedure to ensure that no mercury accidentally escapes into a patient’s body. These protocols are part of what SDHC calls its Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique or SMART for short. This involves such patient protective steps as placing a rubber dam around the tooth that’s being worked on, using copious amounts of water combined with high suction, supplying clean oxygen for a patient to breathe through their nose, removing the filling in chunks as opposed to grinding it out, and finishing the procedure with a charcoal-based mouth rinse that’s very good at absorbing heavy metals.

Amalgam filling removal

Farley also went on to talk about some of the other dental treatments that their reputable dental centre offers. This includes the centre’s wide variety of holistic, general, and cosmetic dentistry services as well as performing treatments that may help eliminate or reduce pain, headaches, sleep problems, teeth grinding, and dental anxiety. She added that all of their treatments are performed in modern and comfortable treatment rooms that have state-of-the-art equipment and are constantly sanitized to the highest possible standards. That allows their dentists and dental techs to perform their holistic, general, and cosmetic dentistry treatments at a very high level.

Patients that have sought help from Sydney Holistic Dental Centre expressed being very satisfied with the treatments which they have received. Marcelle Jordan expressed, “I can’t speak highly enough of Sydney Holistic Dental. I had so much anxiety about going to the dentist that I had been avoiding dentists for years. Lewis made me feel so comfortable and after years of fear, I am now happy to go to my dental appointments. On top of that their work is amazing and I love that they look at the whole person rather than just your teeth.” Marlies Zoll proclaimed, “Highly recommend, they are all you can hope for in regards to dental care. That includes being knowledgeable, looking at the bigger picture of dental health, being equipped with state the art technology, and having a friendly and helpful front desk. I am very happy with the service I have received from Sydney Holistic Dental Care.”

Those in Sydney and the surrounding areas that would like a holistic dental consultation for amalgam filling removal treatments or any of the other dental services that SHDC offers can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on its website.

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